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Early College

Early College at Orchard View School. Flexible scheduling allows students to enroll in classes at the Santa Rosa Junior College. Thirty percent of OVS High School students are concurrently enrolled at the SRJC where tuition is free for high school students. In addition, the OVS College Textbook program provides students in grades 10-12 with textbooks for their SRJC classes. 

Dual Enrollment:  This means you are enrolled at BOTH OVS and the SRJC at the same time.  Our HS schedule, mostly set on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, allows for students to take night class offerings all week long, and daytime classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Recommendations for which classes and how many to take at the SRJC are best discussed with your Supervising Teacher and high school counselor.  A Dual Enrollment Form must be completed prior to sign up each semester at the SRJC.  Students must continue to be enrolled for 20 credits/4 classes per semester with OVS in addition to the possible 11 credits at the SRJC.  SRJC Tuition is free for students enrolled in high school up to 11 units. Some fees are required.

Information on how OVS students can Dual Enroll can be found on the  Enrollment Instructions page.  

Textbook Scholarship:  The Textbook Scholarship fund covers the expenses for textbooks at the SRJC for students in grades 10-12. Up to $300 per semester may be used to cover textbook charges.  After the class, textbooks are returned to OVS.  An agreement and detailed instructions are available in the Main Office. 

College-Track Courses:

For advanced SRJC coursework with the intention to attend a 4 year college, it is helpful to look at the IGETC categories for Transfer.

Classes most often taken are: Biology, Physics, Advanced Mathematics, Social and Political Sciences.  The SRJC also has a terrific debate team!