Video Lab - Creation, Editing and Production-(Monday: 8:50 - 10:20a) 2021-2022 Assignments

Jason Farthing
2021-2022 School Year
Media/Design ~ 8-12th Grade
(Grades 9 - 12) Action! - Turn your creative ideas into amazing videos with Adobe Premiere Pro. We will take a deep dive into video editing so you can flex your creative muscle with the most visual of visual arts. With a combination of tutorials and progressive projects to sharpen your skills, we will develop creative, short videos that will captivate and inspire your audience to new levels. - Cut!

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Project 3 - Magic Cut! in Google Classroom

Project 3 - Magic Cut!

By using creative cutting along with multiple clips, you will create a Magic Edit to show something that is otherwise IMPOSSIBLE.
Make something appear or disappear
Change locations in a scene
Change items of clothing
Ghost person
...or something creative.

You will film the clips using your device
Edit your footage to get your desired effect
Add sound effects to 'sell' your impossible presentation
Export your file as H.264 > YouTube 1080p Full HD (name it with your name and magic cut)
Save to your Drive - set sharing to 'anyone with link can view'
Paste the link in the Doc below and turn it in.

Show me some magic!!!


Project 2 - Virtual Vacation in Google Classroom

Project 2 - Virtual Vacation

In this time of lock downs, distance learning and being overly familiar with our own rooms, I would like you to take a Vacation. That's right...a Virtual Vacation!
You are going to create a vacation video of your dream destination. This can be anywhere in this world, or any other world for that's YOUR virtual vacation!
Here's the set up...
Your video will be 2 minutes max, using your own footage, stock footage, or a combination of the two.
You will include a title for your video as well as an end card to finish it. (see attached video on titles)
Choose some appropriate music to take us along with you to your fantastic vacation destination.
Use at least 10 video transitions and effects of your choice.
Add at least 3 sound effects to highlight specific areas of your project.
And last but not least - EXPORT your video and SAVE it on your GOOGLE DRIVE. (see attached video on exporting)

*You will use the attached Doc to paste the link to your video in your Drive (make sure to allow sharing so I can see it), as well as paste SCREENSHOT of your entire project for reference....and then...TURN IT IN.

**I strongly suggest finding and compiling your footage into a project folder BEFORE you start editing.


Project 1 - Drone Footage - My first editing project in Google Classroom

Project 1 - Drone Footage - My first editing project

Using stock footage, you are going edit together a series of clips and transitions, and add an audio file.

You will learn:
Importing your clips to Premiere Pro
Selecting footage using the Source Monitor
Placing and moving your selected footage on the timeline
Cutting your clips in the timeline
Adding video transitions between clips
Adding audio to your project

You will choose 5 clips from the Practice folder and download those to your workspace.
Import these clips into your NEW project and place them on your timeline.
You use a combination of cuts and at least 5 transitions in your sequence.
You will add an audio file to the sequence and trim it to fit.
Your finished sequence must be 45 seconds or less in total.
When you are finished, take a screenshot of your project and timeline and attach it to your assignment submission doc below.

Video Clips and Audio source are linked below
See Tutorials here -


Adobe Tutorials - Getting Started in Google Classroom

Adobe Tutorials - Getting Started

Now that your Adobe account is active and you are signed in,
Here is the adobe site for tutorials, there are many to choose from, but start with the Premiere Pro Get Started Course Tutorials.
These will take you through...
- Create a Project and Import a Clip
- Explore Premiere Pro Panels
- Learn Editing Skills
- Work with Graphics and Titles
- Adjust the Timing of your Edits

(When you have finished these, please click the 'turn in' button on this assignment page so I know you have completed it.)

Pay attention to the details, workflow, and file patient, there is a lot to learn here, and most of all....Have fun!


Watch this video about Adobe Premiere Pro in Google Classroom

Watch this video about Adobe Premiere Pro

Action! - Please watch this video to get a little bit familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro, the workspace, transitions, effects, etc.
I just want to quickly introduce you to the look and feel of the program that we will be using to edit video.
Once everyone gets signed up and has access to Adobe, we will start making videos...cut!

This week I want you to watch videos with a different perspective. I want you to start noticing things that you may not have always paid attention to.
Thing like: Titles, cuts between clips, transitions between scenes, background sounds, music, camera angles, and lighting...just to name a few.
I think you may start to realize just how much stuff can be included in a video clip. WOW!
We are going to talk next week about what you noticed, so be prepared with some good examples.


Video Lab - Getting to know you. in Google Classroom

Video Lab - Getting to know you.

Please complete this form and let me know a little bit about your tastes for video, knowledge of editing, and what you hope to gain from this class.