Video Lab #2430-5111 Assignments

Jason Farthing
2021-2022 School Year
Media/Design ~ 8-12th Grade
(Grades 9 - 12) Action! - Turn your creative ideas into amazing videos with Adobe Premiere Pro. We will take a deep dive into video editing so you can flex your creative muscle with the most visual of visual arts. With a combination of tutorials and progressive projects to sharpen your skills, we will develop creative, short videos that will captivate and inspire your audience to new levels. - Cut!

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Finished and Exported Videos are Due May 23rd @ 9:30am

Details: Your video must have these elements to be complete
Video Length - 2 to 5 Minutes Max
Titles - Introduction Titles and End Credits
Audio - Supporting Music/Background Tracks (Sound Effects, Voice Overs)
Transitions/Cuts/Effects - proper use of these to help tell your story
...and of Course - Your Creative Ideas!!!

Your project should tell a cohesive story, start to finish, through the use of video footage, stills, audio, transitions, titles, and any other technical skills you learned this year to make your FINAL PROJECT an Award Winning Short!

Presentation: Your class presence is expected on our Final Day, May 23rd - You will be sharing your video in class, please be prepared to very quickly give us an idea of what we are about to see.
I will play your videos on the big screen and we can enjoy all of your hard work together.


Final Self Evaluation in Google Classroom

Final Self Evaluation

Use the form below to evaluate your Final Project and how you think you did.
Check the answers and then write your thoughts on your project and give yourself a grade.


Final Project - Elevator Pitch in Google Classroom

Final Project - Elevator Pitch

Whether you’re writing an email or speaking face-to-face, your elevator pitch for your final video project should be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. The goal, of course, is for the listener to be intrigued enough to want to view your project, or better yet, give you money to make your project a reality.

That’s why you must include these details:

INTRO - Who you are and how you came up with this amazing idea, the genre, and give context to why it’s an important story to tell.

The genre: Your introduction should tease this information but your pitch should confirm it.

The plotline or summary: And by this, we definitely mean a brief summary, not a deep dive. You should introduce characters and talk about the rise and the fall without giving away too much detail.

Comparable movie examples: While your masterpiece will be different, in an elevator pitch for a project, providing existing examples of successful similar films can quickly illustrate your vision.

***Use the attached doc to write your elevator pitch and include all the required details, - you will be presenting your idea to the class for review and discussion next week.


2022 Video Contest theme: Water, there’s never enough to waste!  in Google Classroom

2022 Video Contest theme: Water, there’s never enough to waste!

Help educate the public by creating a PSA about how to conserve water.
A PSA, or a public service announcement, is a publication that helps change attitudes and behaviors by raising awareness about a community issue.
You can create a newscast, animation, commercial, reality television show, or even a music video.
Let your imagination go wild, but please read all of the following instructions carefully!

What are the video guidelines?

Your production needs to be exactly 55 seconds in length (this includes the required closing scene – see more info below).
All entries must be student-created.
The entry may not contain any copyrighted material of any medium (music, images, etc.) and no professional assistance is allowed. Such use will result in an automatic disqualification.
DO NOT delete your original project file until the winners of the contest have been announced. If you place, you may be asked to make modifications to your entry.
How should I end my video?
Closing scene: This contest is sponsored by the Russian River Watershed Association. The last scene must feature:
The Russian River Watershed Association logo (attached)
And the text: 
Does my video have to be in English?
RRWA welcomes videos in all languages, but please include English subtitles.


Completed Video is Due April 11th for FINAL review and official submission by April 14th.


Music Video - Remix in Google Classroom

Music Video - Remix

For this assignment, you are going to create a music video.
You will pick a song...
- film or find some stock footage, images...
-and put them together in order to create an interesting and dynamic music video.

Now the Details:
Video should be at least 2 minutes long, or the entire song.(if using part of a song, make sure the fade in/out is smooth and makes sense)
You can use any appropriate music of your choice.
Make use of:
Title Card - for information about song name and artist
Marking and Trimming Audio
Adjustment Layers...

Export to your Drive and share the link on the doc attached.
Have Fun!


Talking Text Video - using keyframes to animate text in Google Classroom

Talking Text Video - using keyframes to animate text

For this project we are going to create a video with a spoken word audio track that has the text animated and revealed as you speak.
The topic choices are Family, Community, or Working Together.

You will write a haiku or a poem about one of the proposed topics.
Yow will record yourself speaking the piece for the audio track.
Animate your words using text and keyframes to correspond with your spoken word.
Add additional audio and video to show emphasis and bring the video to life. (music, stock footage, sound effects, etc.)
Export your completed video as an .mp4 file and put it in YOUR google Drive.

You will need to type the text out and include it on the document
Include a screenshot of your completed project timeline/workspace
Link to your video - sharing enabled 'anyone with link' can view


Adobe Tutorials - Getting Started in Google Classroom

Adobe Tutorials - Getting Started

Now that your Adobe account is active and you are signed in,
Here is the adobe site for tutorials, there are many to choose from, but start with the Premiere Pro Get Started Course Tutorials.
These will take you through...
- Create a Project and Import a Clip
- Explore Premiere Pro Panels
- Learn Editing Skills
- Work with Graphics and Titles
- Adjust the Timing of your Edits

(When you have finished these, please click the 'turn in' button on this assignment page so I know you have completed it.)

Pay attention to the details, workflow, and file patient, there is a lot to learn here, and most of all....Have fun!


Watch this video about Adobe Premiere Pro in Google Classroom

Watch this video about Adobe Premiere Pro

Action! - Please watch this video to get a little bit familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro, the workspace, transitions, effects, etc.
I just want to quickly introduce you to the look and feel of the program that we will be using to edit video.
Once everyone gets signed up and has access to Adobe, we will start making videos...cut!

This week I want you to watch videos with a different perspective. I want you to start noticing things that you may not have always paid attention to.
Thing like: Titles, cuts between clips, transitions between scenes, background sounds, music, camera angles, and lighting...just to name a few.
I think you may start to realize just how much stuff can be included in a video clip. WOW!
We are going to talk next week about what you noticed, so be prepared with some good examples.