Design Lab - Photoshop/Layout/Yearbook-(Monday: 10:20a - 11:50a) Assignments

Jason Farthing
2021-2022 School Year
Media/Design ~ 8-12th Grade
(This class is open to grades 9-12) Learn to create stunning digital illustrations and artistically manipulate photographs using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. With progressive projects to learn the tools, we will put these powerful programs to work to help you build inspiring digital artwork. All experience levels welcome.

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Letter Portrait - masking and text in Google Classroom

Letter Portrait - masking and text

For this fun assignment, you are going to create a letter portrait, ... huh?
It's a combination of your first and/or last initial, combined with a portrait of yourself...throw in some text and (bam!) a cool looking project for your portfolio.
You will need a clear photo of yourself that we are going to mask and place inside the letter shape. Add some color and shading, any adjustment layers that are needed, and then your name in text to finish the design.
Tools Used:
Object Selection Tool
Lasso Selection Tool
Layer Mask
Adjustment Layers
Type Tool
Solid Color Layer
Gradient Tool
Effects (fx) panel - for drop shadow
Color Picker

You will export your image as a jpeg and attach it to the assignment to turn in.
I will be looking for attention to detail on your masking, color treatment, type treatment, and overall finished design.


Image Adjustment - using adjustment layers and masking in Google Classroom

Image Adjustment - using adjustment layers and masking

Squirrels, Trees, Flowers and Bees - Adjustment, layers, masking

Perform some edits to your photos to make them look spectacular using adjustment layers and masks.
You will use adjustment layers to edit your photos NON-Destructively , and then group these adjustment layers together.
When you use the 'eyeball' to hide your adjustments, you can easily see the difference between the original and your changes.

See attached tutorial videos for information and steps to editing.
There are some Adobe links below if you want to also check those out for tips and tricks.

Please take screenshots of your original images AND your adjusted images and paste them on the doc to turn in for review.

Have Fun!

Adjusting image color and tone with adjustment layers
In the Adjustments panel, click the tool icon for the adjustment you want to make:
For tonality and color, click Levels or Curves.
For adjusting color, click Color Balance or Hue/Saturation.
For converting a color image to black and white, click Black & White.
In the Properties panel, adjust the adjustment layer tool settings.

Use Masks to reveal and hide parts of your image.
You can create two types of masks:
Layer masks are resolution-dependent bitmap images that are edited with the painting or selection tools.
Vector masks are resolution independent and are created with a pen or shape tool.

Learn how to edit photos selectively with adjustment layer masks.


Squirrels, Trees, Flowers and Bees in Google Classroom

Squirrels, Trees, Flowers and Bees

Squirrels, Trees, Flowers and Bees

For this photo assignment you will be taking pictures of the Natural World using your cell phone camera or other camera of choice and picking FOUR (4) FAVORITES to work with.

SHOOT MANY PHOTOS - Take lots of shots and pick your four favorites, paste these in the Attached Doc and Turn them in - these will be the 'before' shots.
SAVE THEM - export or send from your device and save them in a folder in YOUR Google Drive.
DON’T EDIT - we are going to learn to use some tools next week in photoshop to perform our edits and make these photos look amazing.

Come to class next week with your choice of photos selected and ready to edit.

Think - "Visually Interesting".

Have Fun!!!


Is the Salmon Fresh? in Google Classroom

Is the Salmon Fresh?

We are going to learn how to change the color of a plate of Salmon...why you ask?...because we can. 
You are going to all work from the same picture attached of a plate of fresh salmon, but you are going to change the color of the salmon, and some other items on the plate, to a completely NEW color. (your choice).
The tools you will be using are...
Adjustment Layers
Color Picker
Hue and Saturation Sliders
Brush Tool - adjusting size and hardness
Masking - adjusting your adjustment layer.

Use the attached photo, open in photoshop.
Please follow along with the tutorial video attached.
Please attach a screenshot of your finished workspace, make sure your layers are showing.


Type Effects in Google Classroom

Type Effects

I want you to recreate the first THREE of these type effects from the attached tutorial.

Sliced Text Effect
Overlap Effect
Multiple Strokes Effect

*NOTE - pay close attention to the clicks and the tools used, it will go fast sometimes, but you can re-watch these and follow along.

You will be using the following tools:
Type Tool
Polygonal Selection tool
Pen Tool (practice this one, it's tough)
Solid Fill and Stroke
Grouping Layers
Transform Tool

Take a screenshot of each artboard you re-create (3 pieces) and attach those to your assignment when turning in.
There are a lot of tools to learn here, and all are very important to get a handle on.

Have fun!


Class Expectations - Contact Info - Assignments - Attendance in Google Classroom

Class Expectations - Contact Info - Assignments - Attendance

Please see the doc below for info regarding Contact Info - Assignments - Attendance.
Fill out all information and submit for credit.