Design Lab 8 - Digital Illustration (Illustrator-(Monday: 12:30p - 2:10p) Assignments

Jason Farthing
2021-2022 School Year
Classes ~ 8th Grade
(This class is open to grades 8-12) Learn to create stunning digital illustrations and artistically manipulate photographs using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. With progressive projects to learn the tools, we will put these powerful programs to work to help you build inspiring digital artwork. All experience levels welcome.

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10 Logo Icons in Google Classroom

10 Logo Icons

I want you to choose 10 famous logo icons and recreate them

Set up your art board to 8 x 10 inches - portrait mode.

The tools you will be using are:
the shape builder tool
color fill and stroke
scaling and rotating objects
transforming objects

You will need to analyze the overall shape to determine what shapes can be used to recreate the logo.
You may need to add or subtract shapes, or use multiple shapes overlapping and intersecting to create a new shape.

I have included some examples of logo icons you can use and you can also search for some on your own.

When you are finished, I would like you to paste a screenshot of your artboard with ALL 10 icons that you recreated.

Past Assignments


FOUR FAVORITE THINGS - Live Trace - Layers - Magic Wand - Eyedropper - Recolor in Google Classroom

FOUR FAVORITE THINGS - Live Trace - Layers - Magic Wand - Eyedropper - Recolor

What are Four of your Favorite things?
French fries, sailboats, a musician, dogs, sunsets, oranges, cowboy boots, race cars, artwork, friends, airplanes, ..... you get the picture.
I want you to pick FOUR favorite things and create a new recolored version of them.

Image Trace
Layers (locking)
Magic Wand
Color palette

*ONE of these things Has to be a PERSON - the rest you are free to choose.

***(be sure to watch the attached tutorial video for the set up and steps below)***
Create a new document - 10x10 inches - and FOUR Artboards - name it Four Favs with your First Name and last initial -
example: FourFavs_Jason_F.
You will place your images, one on each artboard and then place them each on separate layers.
Make a color palette for each image and place it on the corresponding artboard.
Use Image Trace with 10 colors for your images.
Recolor your images to look SUPER COOL!
You will use the Magic Wand tool (make sure to set your tolerance to zero) to select colors,
then use the Eyedropper tool to pick colors from your palette to color your selections.
Get wild, get creative, go CRAZY!

We will talk about exporting next week.


Portrait of Type in Google Classroom

Portrait of Type

Using your Person of Inspiration, the photo you chose, and words (type assets) you collected, you are going to create a portrait of this person using just type.

*Tip: Find a high contrast image if possible - use this in your search 'high contrast' or 'black and white' or 'clip art' or 'vector art' - in conjunction with your person's name.

Document set up:
11x17 inches (portrait or landscape)
Place your image in your document on a layer and use it as a template.
Create a new layer(s) to place your type on and shape in to the dark areas of your image.
Use all the type and shape tools that we have been learning in order to mold your type into the shape you desire.

Type tools:
Type on a path tool
Vertical type tool
Touch Type tool
Outline Text to turn it into shapes > be sure to ungroup to use individual letters.

When finished, export your piece as a PDF and attach it to the assignment to turn in.


Research - Inspirational Person in Google Classroom

Research - Inspirational Person

This week is a research week for the next assignment - which will be super FUN!
I want you to think of a person of interest and inspiration to you...This person must be human, and can be someone from the past or present in the public spotlight, like an actor, musician, writer, public figure, head of state, poet, artist, family member, or fictional character.
I want you to think of what inspires you about them and put it into words...(text) so we can have an understanding of this person based on these words.
(ex. - for a musician, you might use album titles, song lyrics, instruments, and information about their life)
(ex. - for an artist, you might use names of famous pieces of art, or medium types, or cities of famous exhibits, or styles of art.)

You will then start gathering text assets...

descriptive words,
powerful quotes,
song or movie titles,
or any other written items that can help to describe and bring awareness to this individual.

Start your list on the Doc below that will include your name, the person of interests name, AND the type assets (word list).


Type - Crash Course! in Google Classroom

Type - Crash Course!

This assignment you will be exploring type.
I would like you to create a 11x17" size artboard and set up 4x4 grid using guidelines to create 16 spaces to work . (see video below)
You will use the type tool to create and select your type and then manipulate your type in a variety of creative ways.

Create 16 Single Words using DIFFERENT FONTS
Use 3 different transformations/manipulations on each word.
These can include:
Drop Shadow/other effects
Warp Tool
Mesh Tool
Shape Builder
Have fun, be creative!


Zoom Background in Google Classroom

Zoom Background

Create a fun Zoom Background using...
Shape Builder
Color Fill
Transform > rotate
Pattern Maker
Export as JPEG

Please reference the attached videos for making your pattern.

TURN IN: Attach your exported .jpeg file to the assignment and submit.

Have fun!


What is Graphic Design? - Everyday Objects in Google Classroom

What is Graphic Design? - Everyday Objects

Please watch the videos about graphic design.
I would like you to think about objects and items that you would find around your home that use elements of graphic design.

Please take photos or use google images  ( ) to find examples and paste 10 photo examples into the attached doc and turn it in. 
We will have a look at some of your examples in class next week

Have fun exploring!