Music Jam-(Wednesday: 2:10p - 3:40p) Assignments

Jason Farthing
2021-2022 School Year
Music ~ High School
A musical exploration in creating music in a 'Jam' setting. Using a combination of Creative Collaboration and Improvisational Jams to write original songs including music and lyrics together. We will be meeting weekly to play music together, discuss song structure, arrangement, crafting lyrics, and musical inspiration in order to work towards creating finished songs together. *Musicians must supply their own instrument of choice and be familiar with playing it, (at least basic chords). (This is NOT an instructional music class.)

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Guitar Notes on the Neck in Google Classroom

Guitar Notes on the Neck

Please go over the notes on the neck of the guitar with this diagram.
We will test your knowledge on this next week.


NOTES OF THE GUITAR - TEST in Google Classroom


You will have a hand out with a simulated guitar neck that is missing 20 notes.
Please fill out the missing notes and turn in the handout.
This test is worth 20 points (1 pt for each note)


12 Bar Blues in Google Classroom

12 Bar Blues

12 Bar Blues is a Staple in Jam circles - it's a NEED TO KNOW progression.
You were introduced to it briefly in the last class and I would like you to work on it this week outside of class so when we jam next week, everyone has a solid reference point to build on.
I have included attachments below for the chord progression, as well as the Pentatonic and Blues Scales that can be used over this Jam.
This is the time where everyone can shine as a solo-er !!!


House of the Rising Sun in Google Classroom

House of the Rising Sun

Here are the chords for house of the rising sun by The Animals.
Please look through this before next week and we will play it together in class.
We will work on just the main chord progression (verse) at first and create some music around that.


3 chord progression in Google Classroom

3 chord progression

For next week, I want you all to come prepared with a 3 chord progression that we can jam to. This should be comprised of common chords, and you should be able to play an example to the class to learn together.

three chords
strumming pattern or rhythm
be able to demonstrate your progression to the class
Looking forward to your progressions!
Let's Jam!!!


Music Jam Etiquette  in Google Classroom

Music Jam Etiquette

One of the best ways to improve your musical skills and boost your stage confidence is jamming. If you’ve never joined a jam session before, it’s easy to feel like you’re either not ready or not “good enough” (or both!). However, participating in a jam session doesn’t require you to be a musical expert. In fact, anyone with an instrument can jam. Here are a few tips to ensure your jam session is a fun and rewarding experience.

Please open the attached document, read through it, TYPE YOUR NAME AT THE BOTTOM, and turn it in for credit.

Happy Jamming!