Maker Workshop 8-(Wednesday 10:20a - 11:50a) Assignments

Jason Farthing
2021-2022 School Year
Maker Workshop - 8th -12th Grade
At the intersection of Do-It-Yourself and Technology, there is a special place called the 'Maker Lab'. Join us for creative, hands-on projects that explore a variety of mediums as well as technologies, where students can use problem solving and artistic expression to 'MAKE' awesome projects in a collaborative environment.

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Past Assignments


3D PRINTER BUILDING in Google Classroom


Today you will build a 3D printer that you will soon be learning to use to print your game pieces on.
You will work in table groups to complete the task.

Check and Identify all parts 
Read Instructions for building steps
Work Together
Check online documentation as necessary for building support
Complete and test your machine
Good Luck and Have Fun!


Game Development - Final Board Design in Google Classroom

Game Development - Final Board Design

Now you will be realizing your board designs and finalizing into a playable finished board.
Using materials on hand, and sticking to a finished size of 20 x 20 inches maximum, create your board.
Make sure you have play tested and worked on your design with your team.

Please submit a photo of your finished game board to your padlet.


Game Development - Initial Concepts and Collaboration  in Google Classroom

Game Development - Initial Concepts and Collaboration

Today we are moving into groups to collaborate on your game concepts, start to form up what your game may look like, and talk about ideas on playability, mobility, rules, pieces, etc.

We will be using PADLET to take notes (the link is below)

Find the column with your group and start typing notes, pasting images and drawings, use web links, and any other items to record your ideas with your group. 

THIS WILL BE A LIVING DOCUMENT - All of you will log on and You will be using this document as a reference and to contribute to your group discussion -  as you create, develop, and finish your soon to be INCREDIBLE GAME!!!


Research and Development for Board Games in Google Classroom

Research and Development for Board Games

Play a variety of board games for R and D purposes.
You will have a small rotating group to try out board games and access their playability.
Fill out the notes worksheet and turn in at the end of class -
You will be Looking for things like:
ease of set up
playing pieces
mobility - dice, cards, spinner, etc.
difficulty of play
clarity of instructions....

Take notes and have fun!


Paper Roller Coaster Challenge in Google Classroom

Paper Roller Coaster Challenge

Using limited supplies and time - you will engineer, construct, and test a roller coaster made of paper. A marble will be the 'rider' and will run down a track with a series of obstacles to navigate successfully.

Colored Construction Paper
Cardboard Base

Marble track width of 1"
Base of 16"x16"
Must have a Loop or a Gap
Must have a Curve
Must have a Hill

Good Luck!


Paint Pouring in Google Classroom

Paint Pouring

We are going to experiment with making art and acrylic pouring techniques.
Acrylic pouring is an abstract art technique where artists pour fluid acrylic paints on a surface creating art. 

You will have two canvases and multiple colors of paint along with some additives to make the paint react differently.


Build a Catapult Challenge in Google Classroom

Build a Catapult Challenge

We will build, test, revise, and compete for the furthest launch of your catapult.
1.You will design and build a working catapult in teams of TWO.
You will be using the following items:
Large and Small craft sticks - 10 Max
Rubber Bands - 6 or less
Cup - 1
Egg crate - 1
Fork - 1
Binder Clip - 2
Clothespins - 2

2. Test and Revise
You will test your catapult against your classmates for distance
and accuracy, and then be able to revise your design.

Using extra materials….? 

After one more test, your catapult should be ready for the final launch.