Maker Workshop HS #2433-7112 Assignments

Jason Farthing
2021-2022 School Year
Maker Workshop - 8th -12th Grade
At the intersection of Do-It-Yourself and Technology, there is a special place called the 'Maker Lab'. Join us for creative, hands-on projects that explore a variety of mediums as well as technologies, where students can use problem solving and artistic expression to 'MAKE' awesome projects in a collaborative environment.

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Dream Project! in Google Classroom

Dream Project!

Do you have an idea for a project that did not get realized this year in Maker Workshop?
NOW is your chance to MAKE IT!!!
You have two class periods to build your dream!


You will need to have the following:
A creative spark!
A clear idea
A list of items from the lab
A reasonable project scope for the time frame to complete your project.
A quick conversation with me about your idea.

Design, Build, Test, Revise....MAKE!


Cardboard Games in Google Classroom

Cardboard Games

You are invited to create a challenge game, puzzle, or maze of your choice - out of cardboard and other items you can find in the Maker Lab...HOORAY!

Step 1 - get in to groups of 2-3
Step 2 - Brainstorm ideas together
Step 3 - Create a sketch of your game idea for submission and approval
Step 4 - Set Measurable Goals for each week of class with your group and log them on your GOAL SHEET. (this will be handed in at the end of each class) - Be sure to divide the tasks between members of your group to ensure efficiency in building and finishing your game.

Here are the Details:
IMPORTANT - Size - game must be no bigger than 14 x 20 inches (USE A RULER)!!!
Must be some sort of Challenge Game, Maze, or Puzzle, with a GOAL to WIN!
Must be Playable and Complete at the due date.
Must be FINISHED with any paint, graphics, decorations, etc, to give it a completed look.
**You may use anything we have in the Maker Lab, including the MicroBit if you want to add some programming to your game.

--We will be displaying these for playing at the K-7 science fair coming up on April 28th.--
Links to game ideas:

Labyrinth Game

Pop-a-Shot Basketball

Marble Race


Marble Hit Game


Personal Water Usage in Google Classroom

Personal Water Usage

Students will begin class time by analyzing their usage data for the week of toothbrushing and also researching and answering relevant water questions on their water awareness worksheet.

Students will be able to: 
See the physical results of one week of personal water use from brushing their teeth.
Understand their city’s water and wastewater usage via research.
Identify local industries that have a large impact on water.
Observe and draw conclusions based on their experiment.
These questions will serve as prompts for students to continue with a class discussion on water usage, identifying super users, and wastewater disposal. 

COMPLETE AND TURN IN - Water Awareness worksheet


Water Movement via Innovative Engineering in Google Classroom

Water Movement via Innovative Engineering

Part 1:
Students will be divided into groups. Each group will be given the same materials and parameters, and be asked to engineer a system for transporting water to two different. There will be a prescribed time limit for engineering and testing of their system.

Each group will then demonstrate the effectiveness of their engineered water system to the class. Students will return to the classroom to discuss/process the experiment with the option to share ideas and findings.

Materials needed:

one peg board for each group
zip ties or wire
one bucket for each group
miscellaneous pvc pipe lengths and couplings

Part 2:
Students will gather for a collaborative session with the prompt of Identify some common daily water using activities. And throughout the week, they will gather data on how much water they use for brushing teeth. Each student will be giving a 1 liter bottle of water for this research.

Brainstorm ideas for individual daily water usage
Hand out 1 liter bottles of water and sharpies to each student with the instructions for monitoring their daily usage as they consume the water for toothbrushing exercise that we will analyze in week two.


Paper Engineering Challenges in Google Classroom

Paper Engineering Challenges

Today, it's a paper engineering challenge.

Challenge #1: Using only 4 sheets of paper, tape, and scissors, you will attempt to construct the tallest freestanding structure that will support an empty soup can. You will have 20 minutes to create, then a quick test, and 15 minutes to revise your design in order to get your final structure done for the FINAL TESTING CONTEST.

Have Fun!!!