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The Language of Visual Arts in Google Classroom

The Language of Visual Arts

Read through the first link " What is Composition in Art". 
This may all be review for you but I want to practice using your visual art language to be able to describe and critique your own and others work. 

Choose ONE of the Principles of Design and create a sketchbook page defining your word and creating a visual representation of that principle. 

The graphic design company that created the second template did a nice job in my opinion creating simple graphic explanations to some more complex elements and principles. Have fun with this and create your page as it suits you. The Definition should be clearly stated along with your principle and then your image should represent your choice in a clear visual display. 

Any questions? Color ? Yes! ...Bold and larger font for the "principle",  yes!

You could even reference a famous painting that does this principle well.


Originals, Reproductions and the art of an Iconoclast in Google Classroom

Originals, Reproductions and the art of an Iconoclast

Watch the Video below about Ai Wei Wei and write a response to the content or create a drawing that reflects an idea presented. This could be a portrait of Ai Weiwei or a reflection on one of the artworks that we saw. What struck you as true? How can you use this to inform your own art or your understanding of the culture of the Chinese communist party? 

Iconoclast: a person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions.


First Assignment- Line in all its complexity in Google Classroom

First Assignment- Line in all its complexity

Create 20 different sections on a piece of paper in black ink preferably... these sections can be quite small but I want you to be able to explore a type of line in each section. See photo below

This is an exercise in variety as you will see that lines close together will be a darker shade than ones that are farther apart. Try to put a different type of energy into each square to create this variety of mark making... dots, harsh line, delicate line, meandering line, direct line, sharp line...etc! 

Have fun!