7th Creating Comic Books Assignments

Amanda Timbermoon
2021-2022 School Year
Classes ~ K-7th Grade
In this class we will go through the steps to take a comic book from script to printed product. We will be utilizing Google Docs, and the iPad apps Comic Book! and Green Screen by Do Ink. 

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October - January 11th

All three of the groups have completed writing their scripts. They are working diligently to either draw their images or take photos of themselves, set against a green-screen background. They are beginning to take the next steps of putting the images into the correct comic book format, using the Comic Book! app. They will continue this throughout the rest of our class. They have to work hard to complete the goal of a finished comic book!

Past Assignments


Classwork 10/12 and 10/19

Groups worked to finish typing up their scripts, following their planning sheets. Every group member worked on typing part of the script while discussing any changes that deviated from their plans. Groups finished or nearly finished their scripts today. 


Classwork for 10/5

Read examples of script format and discuss helpful words for describing an image. Begin working on our own scripts.


Classwork for 9/28

We finished filling out our planning sheet for our scripts. 


Classwork 9/21

Today in class, we got into our groups for our comic books. Students brainstormed what their stories will be and filled out a story map as a plan for their story. Some groups are close to being done but didn't finish.


Classwork for 9/14

We viewed and commented on each other's comics. After that, we compared the first chapter of Alice in Wonderland with a comic version that chapter, noting what needs to change in a graphic version and how it is presented visually. Students then chose a panel that they appreciated and we discussed what made it effective in a comic book.
Next, we compared a script for a few pages of a comic book with that comic book, analyzing the script format. 
Finally, students chose a few panels from the Alice and Wonderland comic to write in a script format and posted this on SeeSaw. 


Classwork 9/7

Students finished their short comic that composed their exploration of the app Comic Book!  They posted their finished pages to SeeSaw to share with the class. 



Welcome to Creating Comic Books 2021!
Begin class by discussing these questions:
  • Comic books and graphic novels are becoming more and more accepted as a storytelling format. Why do you think this is?
  • Do you read comic books/graphic novels? Why not or What do you enjoy most about them?
View past comic books made by students and learn how to use the iPad app Comic Book! Play around with the app, creating a short narrative story with images and words.