Precalculus Assignments

Jason Stevens
2021-2022 School Year
Math ~ High School

Welcome to Precalculus! You will find it a fun-filled and challenging educational experience! 

The course has two primary purposes:

1. Build a general set of skills and thinking skills students can use for the rest of their lives. Students will practice how to be effective communicators, analytical and creative thinkers, adept navigators of technology, inquisitive and persistent problem solvers, and reflective explorers of ideas. We will strive to make many mistakes and see them as opportunities for growing our brains. Students will build flexibility with numbers and sharpen their estimation skills.

2. Build mathematical proficiency around a specific set of Precalculus concepts. The course includes a thorough exploration of trigonometry as well as functions, modeling, mathematical analysis, probability, numbers and patterns, statistics, and calculus. The content is prioritized in terms of enjoyment, relevance for future math classes, and life after school. We will strive for deeper conceptual understandings that go beyond procedural skills. There will also be an emphasis on modeling, analyzing data, and writing reports.


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Class on 12/3

6.2 Introduction to the Unit Circle
6.2 Exact Values of Trig Expressions
If time: 6.4 Sine and Cosine Graphs (Part I)
HW#20: 6.2 #5,6,8-10,21,22,27,28. Also, practice knowing coordinate values on the unit circle. Practice how to know cos(120°), or sin270°, or cos(3pi/4), for example, without a calculator. There might be a short, 5 minute quiz on knowing the value of some of these angles without a calculator. Here is a short video with an example.

Past Assignments


Class on 12/1

Introduction to Periodic Functions 
Converting Between Radians and Degrees (briefly)
(if time) Hand out 1st Semester Project & Discuss
HW#19: Handout  & Book Section 6.1 #11-21odd, 35-57odd, 87-95odd. 


Class on 11/19

Get Unit 4 Handout
Test – Unit 3
HW: Finish Unit 3 Test (Part 2, Take-home & E.C.)
HW#18: Unit 4 Intro Handout (very important…do everything on here including the research and videos. Here are the video links: Intro to Radians and Radians and Degrees.)


Class on 11/17

Finish CW from last week: Compound Interest, e, and Continuous Growth
Unit 3 Grouptest 
HW#17: Unit 3 Review Handout
HW: Finish Unit 3 Project (Access in Google Classroom.)


Class on 11/10

No kickoff – start front page of CW right away
Compound Interest, e, and Continuous Growth: How is interest calculated? What types of equations capture exponential growth? What if the growth is continuously happening? Use this video link to finish the last two problems from the classwork. 
Notes – Unit 3
Discuss Unit 3 Project
HW#16: 5.3 #109, 111, 131, 135.        5.6 #56.          5.7 #7-15odd, 23, 25, 43, 48, 73.       5.8 #1.      page 347 #56 (use desmos) 
HW Optional: Start Unit 3 Project (access and turn in via Google Classroom)


Class on 11/5

Intro to Limits: How does limit notation help us summarize situations with holes or asymptotes? 
HW#14: Limits Handout and Exponential Webs
HW Optional: Watch videos to help you understand limits: Video 1, Video 2, and Video 3


Class on 11/3

5.3 More with Exponential Functions – exponential situations, spreadsheets, logs and basic log properties, solving exponentials using logs. 
Start Intro to Limits assignment (if time)
HW#13B: Lesson 5.6 #47, 107 (solve algebraically, not with Desmos or guess/check). Lesson 5.3 #1, 3, 5, 9, 11, 13, 27-33odd, 43, 45, 47 (use desmos to help check graphs), 63-69odd, 89, 97.


Class on 10/29

Desmos Activity: Discovering the exponential function (finish for HW if necessary)
HW: Make sure you have finished Unit 2 Projects (Two Desmos Marbleslides Activities)
HW #13A: Intro to Exponential Functions Assignment (access and turn in via Google Classroom. 10 pt HW graded for both accuracy and completion).


Class on 10/27

Test – Unit 2
HW: Finish Unit 2 Test (Part 2 Take-home and E.C.) 
HW: Continue try to finish Unit 2 Projects (Desmos Marbleslides) due on Wed, 11/3


Class on 10/22

Discuss Unit 2 Project Task B 
Grouptest – Unit 2
HW #12: Complete Unit 2 Review Handout. Practice for the Unit 2 Test.
HW: start Unit 2 Project Task B – Marbleslides Rational Functions. 


Class on 10/20

4.3 Rational Function Graphs: How can graphs help us model real-world situations? 
Vertical and End-Behavior Asymptotes: Why do they exist in rational functions? 
Give out HW #12. 
HW#11: Finish HW #11 Handout
HW: Start HW #12 Handout


Class on 10/15

4.2 Intro to Rational Functions. How are rational function models useful? How can we understand the dynamics of their graphs? 
Start some of 4.3!!! Give out HW #11 if ready.
HW#10: 4.2 #15-25odd, 27a-d, 28a-d, 33, 45


Class on 10/13

4.1 Intro to Polynomials
4.1 Polynomials, Graph, Roots, and Models: What do we know about the turns, end behavior, and intercepts of polynomials? 
2021 August Task: # of Lines, # of Triangles. And/or Cubic Modeling Task
Notes: Unit 2
HW#9: 4.1 #2, 3, 4, 17-25odd, 43, 45, 57abd, 69-73, 123d (use desmos), 126. 


Class on 10/8

3.3 Quadratic Application & 3.4 Quadratic Models. How can quadratics model projectiles or things related to area? 
Video: Mythbusters Penny Drop
3.3 Quadratic Webs
Show part of Unit 2 Project Desmos Activity
HW#8B: 3.3 #35, 39, 49-57odd, 97, 99, 100. 
3.4 #7, 9, 17, 29. 
pg 165 #1-7,9-11, 15. (red light only)
HW: If you want, start working on Unit 2 Project Part A -  Desmos Activity: Marbleslides: Transforming Quadratic Functions


Class on 10/6

How do the dynamics of the equations change when we move from linear equations to higher degree polynomials? How does the math get crazy? 
3.3 Quadratic Functions: What are the advantages of standard vs vertex forms? How can we quickly understand the stretch factor? 
HW#8A: 3.3 #1-9, 21, 23, 27.
HW: finish Unit 1 Project (turn in via Google Classroom)


Class on 10/1

Test – Unit 1
HW: Finish Unit 1 Test (Part 2 – Take-home & Extra Credit)
HW: Unit 1 Project draft due Wednesday, 10/6 Final draft due, 10/8.


Class on 9/29

Notes – Unit 1 Summary
Grouptest – Unit 1
1st Semester Extra Credit Problems – Start Number Bracelets & Discuss
HW#7: Finish Unit 1 Review Handout


Class on 9/24

3.2 Modeling Practice: Laptop battery practice project
Hand out Unit 1 Project: Modeling Your Height over Time
HW#6: 3.1 #21-28, 37.   3.2 #5-10, 11-12a-d, 19.
HW#7: start Unit 1 Review Handout (due Friday)


Class on 9/22

2.5 Transformations (5 min review)
Start 3.2 Linear Models of Best Fit  (By Hand & With Technology):  Bucket Draining Problem (Outside) & Penny Circle (Desmos)
1st Semester Extra Credit Problems – Start Number Bracelets & Discuss
HW#5: Finish the Bucket Draining CW (handout) and the Penny Circle CW (Desmos). Also book Lesson 2.5 #7-26, 35.  pg 115 #37.  


Class on 9/17

Piecewise Function Challenge
2.4 Piecewise Functions
-Skydive & General Practice
Discuss tax system (page 92 - #53)
HW #4: 2.4 #31-37odd (graph only), 43-45 (equation only), 53 (at least the first few parts)


Class on 9/15

2.1 and 2.2 Functions, Domain and Range
Cliff Jumping
2.3 Analyzing Functions
HW#3: Handout.
HW#3B: 2.1 #51-59 odd, 91, 95.  2.2 #39, 41, 43


Class on 9/10

Go over HW #1
Day 1 Goals & Intro PPT
1.1 Distance and Midpoint & 1.3 Equations of Lines
Day 2 Course Overview PPT, Structures, Advice
Get Books, Calendar and Syllabus, Discuss Grades
Discuss Projects & Final Project
HW#2: 1.1 #19-25odd, 29-32, 41, 43, 53, 67 
1.3 #39-89e.o.odd (red light only), 131
Create graph: Your Enjoyment Level (y-axis) vs Difficulty of Math Problem (x-axis)


Class on 9/8

Kickoff #1  & HW Review: Cat Problem
Discussion check-in: Google Classroom, binders, books, emails, turning stuff in
CW: variety of problems, algebra & geometry review. Videos: Jeremy Harper one million. Brainstorm questions, assumptions, strategies, etc. Also introduce drying apples problem and discuss problem solving strategies
HW#1: Handout – Alg/Geo Review and Challenge Problems (Drying Apples & Counting to One Million Tasks)


Class on 9/3

HW Review: go over requested problems from review and tasks
Videos – Maryam Mirzakhani & ViHart. What does doing math look and feel like? 
Cat Problem – Can one cat produce 2000 descendants in 18 months? 
HW: Continue work on Cat Problem. 
HW: Complete the Info Sheet (accessed and turned in via Google Classroom) 


Class on 9/1

Turn in August math review and tasks (with requests for review)
Welcome, Kickoff: summer share
Go over basic COVID and class rules
Bungee Jumping Task: how can we use data and math to make predictions?
HW (if necessary): Complete August math review and tasks if you forgot to do so already.


Week of 8/23 to 8/27

HW: Complete the review for our specific class and work on the four 7th-12th grade tasks. You can access these materials here on the school website.