Biology 2021-22 Assignments

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Mitosis and Mitosis Slide Lab in Google Classroom

Mitosis and Mitosis Slide Lab

Do 5.2 power point and 5.2 power notes.

Do Mitosis Slide Lab.  If doing virtually use this website for your slide.  Don’t answer analysis question #5&6.
Homework: Read 5.2 and do power notes.  Finish Mitosis Slide Lab.

Past Assignments


Cell Cycle in Google Classroom

Cell Cycle

Most cells in your body get old and are recycled or are lost. This means you have to make new ones. The process of cells dividing to make 2 daughter cells is called mitosis. This happens continually and at different rates depending on the type of cell. Some cells, like your brain cells, do not make it through the cell cycle once in your lifetime. That’s why when you destroy them (drugs are bad) they are gone forever.
Do 5.1 power point and 5.1 power notes (scroll to second page).
Watch Mitosis video.  Real Microscopic Mitosis.   Can you tell what type of cell this is?
Use this animation (watch together) and your book to do Mitosis Flip book.
Homework Read 5.1 and finish power notes.  Finish Flipbook questions.


Fermentation in Google Classroom


Do Design your own Fermentation Experiment.
Homework:  Finish lab and prepare for open note and open book test next class.


Energy in Cells Test in Google Classroom

Energy in Cells Test

Do this test in class with notes and book.


 Cellular Respiration and Fermentation in Google Classroom

Cellular Respiration and Fermentation

Finish Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration design it yourself Lab

Watch this photosynthesis animation.  When 6 CH2O are formed they bond into glucose.  Which part of the reaction occurs in the thylakoid membrane and requires light?  Which occur in the stroma and don’t need light?  Can these latter reactions continue through the night though?
Watch this video on Cellular Respiration.  Notice that they call the Kreb Cycle preparatory reactions and citric acid cycle.

4.6 slide show and 4.6 power notes.
Homework: Read 4.6 and finish 4.6 power notes. Do analysis and conclusion for Photosynthesis and Respiration Lab


Photosynthesis Design it yourself Lab in Google Classroom

Photosynthesis Design it yourself Lab

Turn in your lab with an analysis and conclusion here.


Cellular Respiration in Google Classroom

Cellular Respiration

4.4 slide show and 4.4 power notes. (add the notes from 17th lp)

Start Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration design it yourself Lab (we will finish this next week).
Homework: Read 4.4 and finish 4.4 power notes.
Extra credit (only if your brain isn’t overloaded) read 4.5 and do 4.5 power notes.
Turn in power notes.


Photosynthesis in Google Classroom


4.2 slide show and 4.2 power notes.
Plant Mass Photosynthesis Power Point and group work.
Homework: Do Photosynthesis Virtual Lab, read 4.2, finish 4.2 power notes.Extra credit (only if your brain isn’t overloaded) read 4.3 and do 4.3 power notes.


Chemical Energy and ATP in Google Classroom

Chemical Energy and ATP

4.1 Slide show and 4.1 power notes.
Homework:  Read 4.1 and do 4.1 power notes.


Active Transport in Google Classroom

Active Transport

3.5 Slide show and 3.5 power notes.

Passive and Active Transport or Bingo.Homework: Read 3.5 and finish  3.5 power notes do Organelle quizlet and Cell Test Review.  Study for test next class.


Cell Test in Google Classroom

Cell Test

Take Unit 2 Test or Unit 2 virtual test.


Plasma Membrane and Passive Transport in Google Classroom

Plasma Membrane and Passive Transport

Diffusion Demonstration (food color in hot and cold water).  In group: what is happening?

Osmosis Demonstration (egg in hypo and hypertonic solution)  In group:  What is happening?  Why is this happening?
3.3 and 3.4 slide show and 3.3 and 3.4 power notes.
Show three eggs.  In group: which solution is hyper, iso, and hypotonic?
Do Cell Transport Handout.
***Prep salt solution for lab*** 6 600ml beakers, distilled water, salt
Homework: Read Sections 3.3 and 3.4 and do power notes.  Finish Cell transport handout.Do organelle flashcards.


Cell Theory and Organelles in Google Classroom

Cell Theory and Organelles

Do 3.1  slide show with 3.1  power notes.
Do Cell Review Before Lab.
Do 3.2 slide show and 3.2 power notes.

Homework:  Read 3.1 and 3.2 and finish Power Notes 31 and 3.2.  Do Organelle quizlet.


Climate Change 3 in Google Classroom

Climate Change 3

Do Measuring Greenhouse Gasses.


Climate Change Day 2 in Google Classroom

Climate Change Day 2

Do Project Drawdown.
Make test corrections and turn it back in to me.  Do not submit to google classroom.


Enzyme Lab in Google Classroom

Enzyme Lab

Do analysis and conclusion paragraphs of your Enzyme Lab


Climate Change Day 1 in Google Classroom

Climate Change Day 1

Do Climate Change Basics.  Due on Wednesday.


Enzymes in Google Classroom



Watch 2.5 slideshow and do 2.5 power notes.
Do Enzyme Lab (not due until Wednesday, Oct 6).
Homework: Read 2.5 and do 2.5 power notes.  Finish Chapter 1 & 2 Test Review.  Use your test review and my quizlet to study for the Ch 1 & 2 Test.


Ch 1 and 2 Test in Google Classroom

Ch 1 and 2 Test

Ch 1 & 2 Test 
Email me if absent.


Chemical Reactions in Google Classroom

Chemical Reactions

Demonstration of Chemical Reaction (elephant toothpaste, you can do it at home later).  What’s happening?
2.4 slideshow and 2.4 power notes.
Endothermic/Exothermic Lab
Homework: Read 2.4 and do 2.4 power notes.  Do analysis Endothermic/ Exothermic Lab. Begin Chapter 1 & 2 Test Review.  Unit 1 Test next Friday 9/31.


Water in Google Classroom


Go over Heart Rate Lab and how they should have been done.
Watch 2.2 slide show and do 2.2 power notes.
Do  the Penny Minilab.
Homework: Read 2.2 and 2.3 and do 2.2  and 2.3 power notes


Acids and Bases/pH in Google Classroom

Acids and Bases/pH

Acids and Bases/pH
Read “Some Compounds Form Acids and Bases” on page 44 and 45 in your text and look at the table on page 45.
Watch  this video on Acids and bases.
Do pH Lab.  Do pH Home Lab if absent. Change out solutions you don’t have.  You can use this video to get data if you don’t have lab materials
Homework:  Do pH Lab analysis and conclusion.


Scientific Methods Test in Google Classroom

Scientific Methods Test

Take the  Scientific Methods Test.


Chemistry of Life in Google Classroom

Chemistry of Life

Chemistry of Living Things
Do 2.1 slide show and 2.1 power notes.
Refer to the Periodic Table of the Elements and print and do Structure of Atoms and Bonding  do the first of each type together and finish in class.  Review answers together.
Homework: Read 2.1 and finish  2.1 power notes.  Finish  Structure of Atoms and Bonding.


Heart Rate Lab in Google Classroom

Heart Rate Lab

Scientific Thinking and Lab reports
Get the Heart Rate Lab.
Do Scientific Process & Lab Reports Slide Show.
Review Lab Report Format.
Homework:  Finish your  Heart Rate Lab


Peer Review Research Slideshow in Google Classroom

Peer Review Research Slideshow

Do the Peer Reviewed Research slide show (there is a paragraph to write at the end)


Scientific Thinking and Process in Google Classroom

Scientific Thinking and Process

1.3 Slide show and 1.3 Power notes.

Review Lab Report Format.
Homework:  Read 1.3-1.5.  Do 1.3 Power notes.  Do Variables Handout.


What Defines Life? in Google Classroom

What Defines Life?

1.1 and 1.2 Slide show with 1.1  Power notes.
What is Life? Activity.
Homework:  Read 1.1 and 1.2.  Do 1.1  Power notes.  Finish What is Life? Activity.