8th Grade Art Assignments

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Bisque Ware in Google Classroom

Bisque Ware

Bisque- ware is the dried Green-ware fired once in the kiln, usually to cone 05 or 06. 
Your Triptych items were fired today and hopefully will be ready to paint with acrylic by your class period. 
Students will be assessed on the planning and creating as well as the detail with which they put together and paint their final pieces. 

Hands on problem solving and balanced compositions will be discussed in class.


Hand building Techniques and tools  in Google Classroom

Hand building Techniques and tools

Students are continuing to problem solve and create a sculpture using a found object built into the triptych design.
Some pieces are being dried, while others are still being kept wet while they work on the various parts.


Joan Miro and the Triptych Sculpture in Google Classroom

Joan Miro and the Triptych Sculpture

Begin checking out Miro's paintings and understanding his interest in a limited palette for his colors. 
Read a bit of his biography to have some respect for the time and place of his upbringing and also his visual art choices, his aesthetic. 

We will talk about this more in class and give parameters for the tryptic art sculpture that we will be making in mixed media ( clay, found object and plaster) 

YOUR HOMEWORK is to find an object to use in your tryptic...it should be about the size of your fist. It can be a container or a piece of hardware or a part of something....