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Clear Glazes ontop of Underglaze in Google Classroom

Clear Glazes ontop of Underglaze

Students view their bisqueware and apply a glossy top glaze to finish their first piece. 
bisqueware (noun)

bisque·​ware | \ ˈbisk-ˌwer  \
Definition of 

BISCUIT WAREGeorge Ohr produced bisque (unglazed) pottery throughout his career. … For his bisqueware, Ohr mixed clays of different natural colors into a subtle swirl or marbleized pattern.


The Amphora and The Iconoclast in Google Classroom

The Amphora and The Iconoclast

Watch the video below about Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei and his work. 
Create a written response to the video. 4 - 5 sentences about Ai Wei Wei's work. 
10 points for written response and 10 points for the Amphora project. 
Iconoclast: a person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions.
Iconoclasm: the social belief in the importance of the destruction of icons and other images or monuments, most frequently for religious or political reasons.

What grabbed your attention? What piece moved you? 
How does his work cross cultural boundaries and challenge the viewer? 

Our aim with this next project is to create some version of an amphora and reproduce the idea of old vs. new on the final decoration.  
This could be a shift in color scheme or an update of the sgraffito technique to some more polished and contemporary designs. 

We will begin our hand building for the amphora in class on September 22nd.


Aesthetics/Tools/Techniques  in Google Classroom


Hello and welcome! We are going to do all the messy ceramics things and the start of it all is WHAT TO MAKE?
The shape, the colors, the kind of mark making, all help to define your aesthetic. The tools that help us make them comes next, as does the techniques to pull off the desired effect.

Aesthetics or : a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty, especially in art. or the branch of philosophy that deals with the principles of beauty and artistic taste.

This is where you try to define your aesthetic at this current juncture and aim for something specific. We will be creating some sort of "vision board" that includes drawings, magazine clippings and color swatches. We will then investigate if we have the glazes and tools to make this attempt.