4/5 Writer's Workshop Assignments

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Past Assignments


Week 8: Introduction to an Imaginative Narrative

  • Choose a story prompt
  • Elements of the story:
    • Characters
    • Setting
    • Problem/Solution
    • Beginning/Middle/End
  • Partner Work: 
    • Illustration/Brainstorm
    • Complete Graphic Organizer
    • Start Draft


Week Seven: Closing Our Personal Narratives

  • Finish Narrative Drafts
  • Confer with a Peer
  • Identify and apply strategies for ending a narrative:
    • Lesson Learned
    • Strong Feeling or Insight
    • Question 
    • Quotation
    • Full Circle


Week 6 Openers/Hooks for Personal Narratives

  • Read sample personal narrative essays
  • Discuss Opener Strategies: Setting, Quotation, Question or Sound (onomatopoeia)
  • Identify strategies in published samples
  • Add openers to our own writing
  • Writing conferences with teacher or peer partner


Week Five: Sensory Details

  • Brainstorm early memories and experiences
  • Read samples of descriptive, singular experiences
  • Identify sensory details in the samples
  • Sensory quick-writes
  • Add sensory details into our own writing
  • Read aloud: Childtimes by Eloise Greenfield and The Moon and I by Betsy Byars


Week Four: Ourselves as Characters

  • Personal Narrative: Author study and read aloud, Allen Say, Tea With Milk
  • Discussion: Ourselves as Characters, Thoughts, Actions, Words
  • Character Traits brainstorm and illustration
  • Journal write: Continue with story of personal experience
  • Complete your partner interview and introduce your partner to the class
  • Read aloud, Sideways Stories From Wayside School
  • Closing Circle


Week Three: Personal Narrative

  • Personal Narrative: Author study and read aloud, Allen Say, The Bicycle Man
  • Brainstorm and Journal Activity: Experiences I Can Write About
  • Partner Interviews (will complete next week)
  • Elements of a newspaper interview: read about Sir Darius and talk about writing elements
  • Journal write: A Personal Experience
  • Read aloud: Sideways Stories From Wayside School
  • Closing Circle


Week Two: Introduction to Personal Narrative

  • Introduction to personal narrative: book jacket and table of contents about yourself
  • Read aloud: Sideways Stories From Wayside School
  • Continue author study, William Steig, Wizzle
    • Partner share: What ordinary object would you like to turn into? Why?
  • Journal write: Magical ordinary objects
  • Game: word charades
  • Closing Circle


Week One: Our Writing Community

  • Icebreakers and Introductions
  • Class Norms and Routine
  • Read aloud: Sideways Stories From Wayside School
  • All About My Name, writing and partner share
  • Journal introduction and Quick Writes
  • Author study and read aloud: William Steig, Sylvester and the Magic Pebble
    • Homework: What ordinary object could you choose to become magical?
  • Closing Circle