English 10-12 Assignments

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SJ: 1st Draft in Google Classroom

SJ: 1st Draft

Upload your first draft into this assignment.


SJ: The Interview in Google Classroom

SJ: The Interview


SJ: Assignment Details/Plan in Google Classroom

SJ: Assignment Details/Plan


Solutions Journalism Review/Research in Google Classroom

Solutions Journalism Review/Research


Solutions Journalism in Google Classroom

Solutions Journalism


Email to Maura in Google Classroom

Email to Maura

Please sent an email to me at mduvall@twinhillsusd.org
Use the email etiquette resource found in the materials section in this Google Classroom as a format guide.

Assignment: Write an email to me. Tell me what your Ikigai is. What brings meaning to your life? What inspires and motivates you?

Ikigai is the reason you get up in the morning.


Learning Style Inventory in Google Classroom

Learning Style Inventory