Mathematics 2

Jason Stevens
Math ~ High School

Welcome to Math II! Our course description is below. To access our book's online videos and resources, use this link ( and the following login info: Username: OVS     Password: Learn123   If necessary, click on "Programs" to find our math book. 

Math II is fun-filled and challenging educational experience! The course has two primary purposes:

1. Build a general set of skills and thinking skills students can use for the rest of their lives. Students will practice how to be effective communicators, analytical and creative thinkers, adept navigators of technology, inquisitive and persistent problem solvers, and reflective explorers of ideas. We will strive to make many mistakes and see them as opportunities for growing our brains. Students will build flexibility with numbers and sharpen their estimation skills.

2. Build mathematical proficiency around a specific set of Math II concepts. We will reinforce prior core ideas and work on new and more sophisticated algebra and geometry. Students will deepen their knowledge of linear and exponential relationships, and then add quadratic equations to their toolkit of functions. They apply and prove key formulas such as the Pythagorean theorem in different ways, and will learn new geometry such as triangle trigonometry. Additionally, students will further develop topics from middle school math courses, including surface area, volume, and probability. Priority is always given to the most important topics that will come up in future classes, entrance/placement exams, life, etc.


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Past Assignments


Class on 3/13

How can visuals (area models) help us represent multiplication of binomials? How is factoring related to multiplying?

Lesson 11-3 Multiplying Binomials. Lesson 11-4 Mulitplying Special Cases. Lesson 11-5 Factoring x2 + bx + c

HW#37: Lesson 11-3 #5, 6, 10, 11-14. Lesson 11-4 #1-4, 11-14, 37, 39. Lesson 11-5 #1-7, 11-13, 26a. Extensions: Lessons 11-6 #1-2. 

HW: Finish Unit 10 Project and email to Jason


Class on 311

How can we organize and summarize a group of different objects or terms? How can we use visuals to model our algebraic thinking? How is factoring related to multiplying?

11-1 Add and Subtract Polynomials

11-2 Multiplying & Factoring

HW#36: Lesson 11-1 #3, 7, 10, 18-24. Lesson 11-2 #1-6, 9-12, 17, 19, 21.


Class on 3/6 

Unit 10 Summary of Topics and Linear Modeling

Introduction to growth on a spreadsheet – Scaffold for Lottery Project

Handout – 2nd Semester Extension Problems

HW: start work on Unit 10 Project (Due by Wed 3/25)


Class on 3/4

How can we use math and technology to analyze data to tell a story about the past, present, and future (and make predictions)?

Working with trend lines using algebra and regression lines of best fit

HW #34: Handout


Class on 2/28

Is it linear? What is perfectly linear and what is generally linear? Exploring equations and what makes them linear vs exponential. Discuss percent growth and exponential growth.

HW: Finish final draft of Unit 9 Project Tasks.


Class on 2/26

 (2020: Jason absent… students just worked on HW handout in class)

Handout: Review. Intro to using Desmos equations through a point. When is a linear model equation realistic?

HW#33: Handout – Equations through a point.


Class on 2/21

Units 1-9 Individual Test: Mostly Lesson 7-5 and Units 8 & 9, but includes some content from entire year.

HW: Unit 9 Project Tasks. Start rough draft by Wednesday. Final draft due Friday 2/28. You may come in to check answers or get help anytime next week, or you can email me.


Class on 2/19

Lesson 9-5 Volume & Surface Area of Spheres

Applications of Volume and Surface Area: US Is What % of Earth's SA & ….TBD

Unit 9 Review

HW#32: Ch 9 Review Problems pg 590-591. #1-7, 11-14, 20, 21.

Practice for our individual test. Definitely redo problems from HW #29 Ch 1-8 Review Handout. Also, make sure you are comfortable working with all of the Unit 9 SA and V formulas you will be given.


Class on 2/12

Lesson 9-2 and 9-4: Surface Area and Volume of Pyramids and Cones

Videos: Water Pouring & Pyramid Formula

Pile of Compost Problem

Partner Task: Measure, Explore & Compare Sizes of Manipulatives

HW#31: Lesson 9-2 #1, 4, 5, 8, 13. Lesson 9-4 #2, 3, 5, 10, 11, 12, 24.


Class on 2/7

Show Unit 8 Group Poster Task (skipping actual activity this year): Gary the Goat Grazing Area Problems. How can we break up an unusual shape into parts to determine the area?

Introduction to Unit 9 and Dimensions: What does it mean when we say something is large? How can we find or define something in space?

Get new Volume 2 books

Notes – Unit 9 (Discuss notes/formulas for rest of the year in general)

Lesson 9-1 and 9-3: Surface Area and Volume of Prisms and Cylinders Using Hands-on Activities with Objects

HW #30: Handout


Class on 1/31

Notes – Unit 8

Introduce the Tangent Line and do class task: Staring out to Sea

Unit 8 Practice Partner Test: Units 1-8 Content

HW#29: Unit 8 Review Handout (due Friday, 2/7)

HW: Unit 8 Project Tasks (choose one) (due Friday, 2/7)


Class on 2/5

Choice of: AMC Math Exam (not graded) or in-class study hall time

HW: Finish HW #29 and Unit 8 Project Task


Class on 1/29

Shaded Area Problems

Organization/Neatness (on Longer Shaded Segment Problem)

Hand out Unit 8 Project Tasks: Shaded Sectors & Almost a Circle

HW#28: Lesson 8-2 #6, 9, 13, 16, 17. Extra Credit: +2 HW Points for #35.

HW Extra Credit: Work on the 2009 AMC Math 10 Practice Test


Class on 1/17

What is Pi? (Finish videos if necessary).

Get new books (Volume 2)

Lesson 8-1: Circles, Arcs, Circumference. Lesson 8-2: Area of Circles, Sector Area

HW: 1st Sem Project (due Tuesday, 1/21, by 4pm; late projects not accepted)

HW#27: Lesson 8-1 #3-8, 12-16, 18-24, 27-29, 31, and your choice of #17 or #30. (Due Wed 1/29)

Lesson 8-2 #1-4, 7, 8, 12, 24-26. (Due Wed 1/29)


Class on 1/15

Area and Perimeter of Polygons with Increasing Number of Sides

A Polygon with Infinite Sides (Discovering π)

What is Pi? (Videos)

Measuring Diameter and Circumference – Start HW #26 in class

HW #26: Handout – Circles & Polygon Review. HW: Continue work on 1st Semester Project


Class on 1/10

Final Exam Returned *Discuss optional final exam make-up quiz to be done at school but not during class time

Unit 7 Partner Practice Quiz

HW #25: Handout – Unit 7 ReviewHW: Continue work on 1st Semester Project.


Class on 1/8

Kickoff – Problems from the break

7-5 Intro to Areas of Regular Polygons (Mini Presentations)

Start Partner Practice Quiz (if time)

HW #24: Handout - Mathematics of Winter & Regular Polygon Problems.

HW: Continue work on 1st Semester Project.


Class on 12/18

Final Exam – Semester 1: Units 1-6 & 7-1 to 7-4

HW: Start work on your 1st Semester Project


Class on 12/13

Introduce 1st Semester Project (Choice of 60 Fences OR Roads to Towns), due on 1/21

Grouptest – 1st Semester Practice Final Exam

HW: Continue practicing problems from your review handout, prior tests, and your pink notes. Come to tutorial or set up other appointment to practice with Jason or your classmates, tutor, parents, etc.


Class on 12/11

Inspecting Trig Mistakes

Using a Clinometer – Outside Trig Tasks. Practice & Review.

Notes – Unit 7 & Final Exam

HW #23: Handout – 1st Semester Final Exam Review


Class on 12/6

Geogebra Intro to Trigonometry Tasks

7-3 Introduction to Trigonometry, Practice, & Applications. For extra help, watch this video.  

HW #22: Lesson 7-3 #5-16, 25. Start Handout HW #23 1st Semester Review (due next Fri)


Class on 12/4

Simplifying Radicals & Working with Exact Answers vs Rounded Decimals

7-2 Special Right Triangles (30-60-90 and 45-45-90)

HW #21: Lesson 7-2 #1-5, 7, 8, 14, 15, 20, 22, 23. Use the special triangle shortcuts to do some of these without any work—do NOT use the Pythagorean Theorem.

Absolutely Crucial part of HW #21: Watch Youtube Video: “Sine, Cosine, Tangent Trigonometry: Right Triangle Math Explained” (13min 27sec long). Follow along with your calculator to try out the sin, cos, and tan buttons. (Make sure you are in Degree mode.)


Class on 11/22
Kickoff: How Scale Factor Relates to Ratio of Perimeters and Areas for Similar Figures
Unit 6 Tasks & Applications of Similar Triangles
7-1 Proving the Pythagorean Theorem
HW: Take-home Quiz Units 1-6 (especially Units 5-6). HW#20: Lesson 7-1 #1-5, 7, 16, 21.


Class on 11/20
6-3 Proving Triangles Similar
6-5 Proportions in Triangles & Unit 6 Challenge Tasks
Notes – Unit 6
HW#19: Lesson 6-3 #1-4, 6-11, 20-23.  Lesson 6-5 #1, 2, 4, 25.


Class on 11/15
Video: Optimal Potatoes
Unit 6 Intro Tasks
6-1 Ratios & Proportions
6-2 Similar Polygons
HW#18: Lesson 6-1 #1-5, 7-8, 11-13, 16, 17.  Lesson 6-2 #1-6, 8, 9, 11-14, 37-40.
HW: Finish Unit 5 Project.


Class on 11/13
Just discuss:
• 5-6 Trapezoids & Kites as well as general quadrilateral practice
• 5-7 Polygons on the Coordinate Grid
• Reflection and Rotation Symmetry in Quadrilaterals
• Polygons and Design
Unit 5 Partner Practice Test
Introduce Unit 5 Project
HW#16: Handout
HW: Start Unit 5 Project. A rough draft is not required, but it is recommended that you check in with me anytime.


Class on 11/8
(Jason sick today)
Get Unit 5 Notes
5-2 Parallelograms: definition, properties, etc.
5-4 Rhombuses, Rectangle, Squares
HW#14: Lesson 5-2 #1, 2, 5, 8-11, 13, 16, 19, 29, 31, 32.   Lesson 5-4 #3, 5, 7-28, 43.


Class on 11/6
5-1 Angles – Polygon Angles: How can polygons be built from triangles or other polygons? 
Using Transformations to Create Quadrilaterals from Triangles
HW#13: 5-1 #1-3, 5, 6, 9-11, 14-16, 33, Ext. #37.


Class on 10/25

Get 1st Semester Extra Credit Handout

Units 1-4 Individual Test: Transformations, Algebra & Geometry Review

HW: Unit 4 Project – Transformations (Canceled) (Next class we will get our books and be starting in Chapter 5.)


Class on 10/23

Tricky Transformations: around non-origin points and non-axes lines

Notes: Unit 4

Partner Practice Test: Units 1-4

HW#12: Handout – Units 1-4 Review


Class on 10/18

Alice in Wonderland Clip – Dilations

Dilations, Rotation and Reflection Symmetry

Group Task: Rotation and Reflection Symmetry in Various Shapes

Extra Credit: Number Necklaces & Rectangle Billiards Problem

HW#11: Handout


Class on 10/16

Start Unit 4 – Transformations: Transformations Intro Challenge. How can we explain different types of movement? 

PPT: Unit 4 Images & Quotes

Transformations: Reflections, Rotations, and Translations

HW#10: Handout & Finish Unit 3 Project Final Draft


Class on 10/11

Geometry Proofs Debate: Should high school students do two-column triangle proofs? 

Unit 3 Triangle Challenge Problems – Angle Bisectors, Perpendicular Lines, Midsegments

Unit 3 Practice Quiz 

HW: Unit 3 Project – Compatibility (Rough Draft due Wed, Final Draft due Fri)


Class on 10/9

Go over Unit 3 HW and Taco Truck Problem

CW – Triangle Angle and Side Relationships (Triangle Inequalities)

Notes: Unit 3

Group Practice Quiz: Unit 3

HW#9: Handout – Review & Prepare for Proofs Debate.


Class on 10/4

HW Presentation Handout & Schedule

CW Lecture – Logic and Proofs. Midpoint Shortcuts.

Video – ViHart What Was Up With Pythagoras. Discuss Distance Between Points & Pythagorean Theorem

Present Taco Truck Problem and Situation. Brainstorm and record relevant info for HW

HW#8: Handout – Pythagorean Theorem, Midpoint, and Review


Class on 10/2

Unit 3 Images & Quotes (acute vs obtuse video)

Start Unit 3 – Geometry Review

CW - Points, Lines, and Planes. Lines and Angles & Properties of Parallel Lines. Area and Perimeter of Common Shapes.

HW: Final Draft of Unit 2 Project.   HW#7: Handout


Class on 9/27

Creating a Math Report or Project, Assessing Explanations & MathWork

Hand out Project – Unit 2

Units 1-2 Individual Quiz

HW: Project Unit 2 (Rough Draft due Wednesday. Final Draft due Friday. )


Class on 9/25

Groupquiz: Unit 2 (Review Group Practice Test Structure & Goals)

How to Practice for Test

HW#6: Handout – Unit 1-2 Review


Class on 9/20

CW: The language of equations and defining variables. CW: Solving Systems of Equations

Notes: Unit 2

HW#5: Handout


Class on 9/18

CW: Choice of Algebra Review Tasks: Representations of Linear Functions, Slope, Solving Equations, PEMDAS, Challenge Handshake Problem

HW#4: Handout & Reading on Piraha Tribe


Class on 9/13

Pathways Problem (Bridges of Konigsberg, etc)

CW: Growth Patterns, Numbers, Variables, and Simplifying Expressions with variables

Graphs of Lines and Line Segments: Using Desmos to Make Images

HW#3: Handout.


Class on 9/11

Lecture: Problems Solving with Pizza Combinations and Talyson’s Tofu Problem Examples

PPT: Why do Math

Notes – Unit 1

Start Unit 2 – Algebra Review

CW: Making Equations Visual, Growth Patterns

HW#2B: Handout & Reading on Important Numbers


Class on 9/6

CW: Go over #1 from HW as a class. Then, do breakout groups for CW problems from Wednesday followed by presentations and strategies.

PPT: Course Overview, Structures, Advice

Get Calendar and Syllabus, Discuss Grades

Info Sheet

HW#A: Complete Info Sheet to turn in. HW#B: Show me your signed syllabus. HW#C: Show me your math binder with dividers (or come see me outside of class for assistance).

HW #2: History of Numbers & Mayan Number System Handout


Class on 9/4

Kickoff and Intro Activities

PPT – Day 1 Goals and Intro

Start Unit 1 – The Why and How of Math & Problem Solving

CW: What do you notice? What do you wonder? Using a situation or visual to brainstorm possible math tasks. How to use different problem-solving strategies

HW#1: Handout – Using different problem solving methods