Design Lab 8 - Digital Illustration (Illustrator-(Monday: 12:30p - 2:10p)

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(This class is open to grades 8-12) Learn to create stunning digital illustrations and artistically manipulate photographs using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. With progressive projects to learn the tools, we will put these powerful programs to work to help you build inspiring digital artwork. All experience levels welcome.

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10 Logo Icons in Google Classroom

10 Logo Icons

I want you to choose 10 famous logo icons and recreate them

Set up your art board to 8 x 10 inches - portrait mode.

The tools you will be using are:
the shape builder tool
color fill and stroke
scaling and rotating objects
transforming objects

You will need to analyze the overall shape to determine what shapes can be used to recreate the logo.
You may need to add or subtract shapes, or use multiple shapes overlapping and intersecting to create a new shape.

I have included some examples of logo icons you can use and you can also search for some on your own.

When you are finished, I would like you to paste a screenshot of your artboard with ALL 10 icons that you recreated.