Music Jam-(Wednesday: 2:10p - 3:40p)

Course Description

A musical exploration in creating music in a 'Jam' setting. Using a combination of Creative Collaboration and Improvisational Jams to write original songs including music and lyrics together. We will be meeting weekly to play music together, discuss song structure, arrangement, crafting lyrics, and musical inspiration in order to work towards creating finished songs together. *Musicians must supply their own instrument of choice and be familiar with playing it, (at least basic chords). (This is NOT an instructional music class.)

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Guitar Notes on the Neck in Google Classroom

Guitar Notes on the Neck

Please go over the notes on the neck of the guitar with this diagram.
We will test your knowledge on this next week.


NOTES OF THE GUITAR - TEST in Google Classroom


You will have a hand out with a simulated guitar neck that is missing 20 notes.
Please fill out the missing notes and turn in the handout.
This test is worth 20 points (1 pt for each note)