4th Grade Maker Workshop - Fall 2021-(Tuesday 9:30a - 11:15a)

Course Description

At the intersection of Do-It-Yourself and Technology, there is a special place called the 'Maker Lab'. Join us for creative, hands-on projects that explore a variety of mediums as well as technologies, where students can use problem solving and artistic expression to 'MAKE' awesome projects in a collaborative environment.

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3D design with TinkerCad in Google Classroom

3D design with TinkerCad

Today You will learn how to create 3D pieces that we will print on the 3D printers class.
We will be working in the 3D design software, TinkerCad.

To get started we will logon to the classroom I have set up for us, view a quick demonstration, learn some controls and then start designing your first 3D piece.

Easy, Yay!!!