World Languages

Course Description

Welcome Language Learners! We have so many students learning so many languages! Japanese, Portuguese, Swedish, Arabic, German, Korean, French, Italian, Spanish, Sign Language and more! These benefits also come with challenges. How can best learn? How can we practice in real time with real people? Beyond the two language learning platforms we offer at Orchard View (Rosetta Stone and Edgenuity), there are so many other online resources for learning the language of your choice. You are encouraged to practice the language of your choice daily, spending at least 20-60 minutes per day. Search online and find those additional resource that keep learning interesting and fun. If you want to learn one of the languages mentioned above, there is at least one other student who can be your practice partner! So if you ever have questions about how Rosetta Stone or Edgenuity, questions about the language, questions about how to find online resources or coordinate with practice partners, you are welcome to email me and/or come to the Language Club Open Office Hours. Office Hours are: Monday: 1:00- 2:30 pm. (On campus or via Zoom) Thursday: 10-11 am (Zoom only) The Zoom link is saved below. Happy learning! Enjoy the process of becoming fluent in another language! Best, Alison Malisa