Design for Peace and ReGeneration

Course Description

Designing for Peace
Prosperity, Regeneration, and Wellbeing for All

The Regenerative Design Challenge

What skills do we need to design and co-create the world we want to live in?

This is the question we will explore and attempt to answer together in a prosocial design process. Prosocial (the opposite of antisocial), focuses on the importance of diversity and divergent thinking to optimize our collective intelligence. The goals of the class include:
addressing issues you care about,
designing solutions toward measurable peace, prosperity, regeneration, and wellbeing for all,
cultivating the life-affirming human qualities that describe well-being,
learning the skills required to create the world our hearts know is possible.

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EXTRA CREDIT/ Make up for class on 10/18 in Google Classroom

EXTRA CREDIT/ Make up for class on 10/18

Dear students, 

For those who missed class on Monday morning, you are excused. For students who would like extra points, you can respond to these questions below. 

In the future, for those students who miss class, please be prepared to complete a short reading/writing assignment to make up points.  THANK YOU! 

In class, we discussed the interconnectedness and complexity.  We looked at the economic growth goal of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and discussed some of the main ways that economic growth is measured, and the limitations and complexities in those measures. 

We differentiated between complex and complicated, GNP and GDP, average vs. median per capita income, and mentioned briefly the emerging world of cryptocurrencies. 

For those who were absent, please read the Thich Nhat Hanh's essay on What is Interbeing? (Linked below.) 
-Respond in the chat:

*Why might adding the verb "to inter be" to our lexicon matter to our economy and culture going forward? 
How does economics reflect interbeing? How doesn't it (think of the interbeingness that is represented in a loaf of bread. What is included in the costs? What isn't included in the cost?) 

*Define and differentiate between:
- complex and complicated
-GNP vs. GDP
-Average vs. median per capita income


Week 8- Economic Measures in Google Classroom

Week 8- Economic Measures

Deep dive into Economic Measures and Alternatives

Hi team, this came out late AND is a super deep dive. This is not due until class on November 1.

Please post a discussion/your assessment about what you chose for both the traditional economic measure and the alternative one. Thank you!!