Course Description

Welcome to Precalculus! You will find it a fun-filled and challenging educational experience! 

The course has two primary purposes:

1. Build a general set of skills and thinking skills students can use for the rest of their lives. Students will practice how to be effective communicators, analytical and creative thinkers, adept navigators of technology, inquisitive and persistent problem solvers, and reflective explorers of ideas. We will strive to make many mistakes and see them as opportunities for growing our brains. Students will build flexibility with numbers and sharpen their estimation skills.

2. Build mathematical proficiency around a specific set of Precalculus concepts. The course includes a thorough exploration of trigonometry as well as functions, modeling, mathematical analysis, probability, numbers and patterns, statistics, and calculus. The content is prioritized in terms of enjoyment, relevance for future math classes, and life after school. We will strive for deeper conceptual understandings that go beyond procedural skills. There will also be an emphasis on modeling, analyzing data, and writing reports.

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Class on 12/1

Introduction to Periodic Functions 
Converting Between Radians and Degrees (briefly)
(if time) Hand out 1st Semester Project & Discuss
HW#19: Handout  & Book Section 6.1 #11-21odd, 35-57odd, 87-95odd. 


Class on 12/3

6.2 Introduction to the Unit Circle
6.2 Exact Values of Trig Expressions
If time: 6.4 Sine and Cosine Graphs (Part I)
HW#20: 6.2 #5,6,8-10,21,22,27,28. Also, practice knowing coordinate values on the unit circle. Practice how to know cos(120°), or sin270°, or cos(3pi/4), for example, without a calculator. There might be a short, 5 minute quiz on knowing the value of some of these angles without a calculator. Here is a short video with an example.