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Welcome to Math 7! Our class is a comprehensive math class for the 7th grade; if you participate in our homework and assignments, you will not need to do extra independent study work with your supervising teacher. You will find it a fun-filled and challenging educational experience! 

1. To build a general set of skills and thinking skills students can use for the rest of their lives. Students will practice how to be effective communicators, analytical and creative thinkers, adept navigators of technology, inquisitive and persistent problem solvers, and reflective explorers of ideas. We will strive to make many mistakes and see them as opportunities for growing our brains. Students will build flexibility with numbers and sharpen their estimation skills.

2. To build mathematical proficiency around the most important 7th grade math topics. Students will work with ratios, proportions, and fraction operations. They will refine arithmetic skills related to integers and decimals. They will get exposure to basic algebra concepts and deepen their knowledge of geometry. Finally, they will explore concepts related to probability and statistics. Emphasis is always given to topics that are repeatedly used in middle and high school math courses or are commonly relevant to our lives.

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Class on 12/2

4-6 Multiply Fractions – How is the process different than adding? What are our options? How can we represent it visually? Why does multiplying across work? How does cross-canceling help? 
Ticket Out “Quiz” with fraction operations
Quiz – decimal of fractions 1/n where 1<n<10 and n is an integer and other common fractions 
HW #21: Lesson 4-6: #1, 3, 5, 7-10, 12, 13, 16, 17.  Page 309: Choose any two of #s3-6. Show work.