Biology 2021-22

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Cell Cycle in Google Classroom

Cell Cycle

Most cells in your body get old and are recycled or are lost. This means you have to make new ones. The process of cells dividing to make 2 daughter cells is called mitosis. This happens continually and at different rates depending on the type of cell. Some cells, like your brain cells, do not make it through the cell cycle once in your lifetime. That’s why when you destroy them (drugs are bad) they are gone forever.
Do 5.1 power point and 5.1 power notes (scroll to second page).
Watch Mitosis video.  Real Microscopic Mitosis.   Can you tell what type of cell this is?
Use this animation (watch together) and your book to do Mitosis Flip book.
Homework Read 5.1 and finish power notes.  Finish Flipbook questions.


Mitosis and Mitosis Slide Lab in Google Classroom

Mitosis and Mitosis Slide Lab

Do 5.2 power point and 5.2 power notes.

Do Mitosis Slide Lab.  If doing virtually use this website for your slide.  Don’t answer analysis question #5&6.
Homework: Read 5.2 and do power notes.  Finish Mitosis Slide Lab.