Mathematics 1

Madelyn Hodges
Math ~ High School

Course Description

Mathematics I is an integrated math class that includes lessons in Algebra, Geometry, and Data Analysis.  It is the first of three college preparatory high school courses, each building on students' ability to think mathematically and effectively work through math problems.  Work in this course involves three components:  classwork, homework, and building a Math portfolio.  During the classes, that meet twice a week, we will work our way through the Math I curriculum, using the Pearson Common Core work text as a guide.  Homework will be assigned each class period, providing students with practice of new material and its integration with concepts covered previously.  Each class will begin by addressing any questions from homework.  Each chapter will culminate with a chapter test and a portfolio challenge.  The portfolio tasks will give students the opportunity to apply and document their understanding of the material at hand.  

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Hello, again, all of you.  I hope everyone is continuing to stay well.  I’m going to post below the next guide, and the answer keys for the last guide.  You don’t need to mail me back anything, except things you have questions about.  Those are welcome any time.  I’ll post again early next week with the next two lessons, and the answer keys to 11-3 and 11-4.  Keep well!  —Madelyn