Mathematics 3

Madelyn Hodges
Math ~ High School

Course Description

Mathematics 3 is the third of three integrated college preparatory mathematics classes that together guide students toward gaining the necessary understanding and habits they will need to become skilled mathematical thinkers and problem solvers, and provide students with the background they'll need to move on in their education beyond high school.  This class includes coursework in Algebra, Geometry, and Data Analysis, and connects concepts across these fields.  Mathematics 3 extends the skills students developed in Mathematics 1 and 2, deepening their knowledge of linear, quadratic, and exponential functions, and extending this understanding to include polynomial, rational, radical, and logarithmic functions. Class will meet twice a week, and work through Mathematics 3 Common Core curriculum.  Homework will be assigned after each class session, providing students with practice applying new material, and integrating it with material covered previously.  In addition, students will develop a math portfolio.  Every chapter will culminate with a chapter test and a portfolio challenge.  Portfolio tasks will give students the opportunity to apply and document the material covered.  

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Hello, Math 3 students.  I hope you and your families are all keeping well.  I will continue to post guides and answer keys.  I’m later with this second one than I meant to be.  Got a full plate here with family needs.  Do stay well, all of you.  Send any questions.  Otherwise, no need to send anything.  Missing you guys.  —Madelyn