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Quarantine - Class Update

While you are at home, let's keep JAMMING!

I will present some ideas in the next few weeks for Homebound MUSIC projects to keep your mind active and your creativity flowing. Look in the assignments section for inspiration.

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Class Description:

An exploration in music and instruments in a ‘Jam’ setting, with a focus on identification and expansion of musical ideas to form structured songs.

Course Objectives:

To explore musical creativity in a ‘jam’ based class setting. Students will be able to choose which instrument they would like to play, while creating music as a group with other students and varied instruments. Each week of class will be an exploration in sound, rhythm, and musical collaboration. Students will learn basic song structure and creative process by developing interesting bits of music into full song compositions.


Student is required to bring an instrument of choice (and amplification if necessary) to class each week, some small percussion instruments and a keyboard will be provided by the instructor as well.

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Let's keep this Jam going -

I have an idea for a video jam that we can work on in the next couple of weeks, I'll post the info soon...
But for now, here are some backing tracks to jam to while you are at home.
Get your scales and chord sheets out, and try out some new stuff along with these's FUN!!!
Acoustic Rock Guitar Backing Track In A Minor
Tasty Blues Rock Guitar Backing Track Jam in B
Deep Psychedelic Groove Guitar Backing Track Jam in C Minor
Send me any of your song ideas that you would like to work on, and let me know if you have any questions about anything.
Have fun!

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