Explorations in Coding: Introduction to Python 1

Jason Farthing
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Quarantine - Class Update

While you are at home, why not keep practicing your coding skills?
Did you know that you can login to your Edhesive account from your home computer?
(if you do not have a computer, please contact Cathy Stroud at to arrange to borrow a Chromebook from school).
How to login at home:
1.Click the link below
2.Enter your email address or username that you used to create your account.
3.Enter your password and click LOG IN to access your account.
I will continue to unlock lessons for you to work through and give suggestions of programming challenges for you to explore.
I will post these weekly on the class page (this page):
Please email me with any questions at:
Stay Safe, Keep Learning, and Have Fun!
In this introductory course, students will learn foundational concepts and skills of programming and computer science (CS). The course is designed to be fun, engaging, relevant, collaborative and accessible for all students, regardless of background or prior experience. Explorations in Coding students will build their understanding of programming and computer science through interactive coding explorations, practices, and projects in Python, where they will create animations, graphic designs, and other interactive programs. Supplemental online and unplugged activities foster students’ deeper understanding and allow them to demonstrative their creativity, communication and critical thinking skills. Students are engaged and motivated as they quickly learn how computer science impacts the world around them and relates to their own interests and experiences.
Curriculum Overview :
This course is organized into nine modules. Each module builds computer science competency through highly engaging, interactive coding projects as well as a series of online and unplugged activities that introduce students to foundational computer science concepts and skills, reinforce core programming concepts, and support students in strategic problem solving practices.
Course Modules
Module 1: Introduction to Computer Science
Module 2: Coding in Digital Space
Module 3: Shapes and Drawing
Module 4: Intro to Logic
Module 5: Putting Things in Order
Module 6: Exploring Variables – Part 1
Module 7: Exploring Variables – Part 2
Module 8: Math and Computation
Module 9: Cumulative Review

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For the weeks of March 30th - April 10th

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