Advanced Coding - Explorations in Coding 2

Jason Farthing
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Quarantine - Class Update

While you are at home, why not keep practicing your coding skills?
You can login to your Edhesive account from your home computer, (if you do not have a computer, please contact Cathy Stroud at to arrange to borrow a Chromebook from school).
How to login at home:
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I will continue to unlock lessons for you to work through and I’m hoping we can continue with the School Map App (Thunkable) as well. We can communicate through emails and shared files as needed.est
I will post assignments weekly on our class page (this page):
Please email me with any questions at:
Stay Safe, Keep Learning, and Have Fun!
In this advanced coding class, students will be using a blended curriculum to continue with Python, as well as exploring Building Mobile Applications. This course will be a more independently driven study into coding, learning to use research tools and documentation to find instruction and solutions to explore new coding languages in order to complete specific coding challenges. 
In this second course, students advance their knowledge of foundational concepts and skills of programming and computer science (CS). Students build their understanding of programming through coding explorations, practices, and projects in Python, where they create animations, games, and other interactive programs. Supplemental online and unplugged activities foster students’ deeper understanding of big ideas in computer science as well as cultivate creative and critical thinking skills.
*Prerequisites: Students taking this course should have previously completed Explorations in Coding: Introduction to Python 1 or another introductory coding course. They should have a basic understanding of sequencing algorithms, using variables, and writing and debugging text-based code.

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Module 15: Intro to Game Design

test code: design50

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