Course Description

The Algebra Core course is designed to review general math skills and give students a solid foundation in core Algebraic concepts. 

In the first semester we will cover the family of numbers including prime factorization and rational numbers, then we'll do various operations with integers, absolute value, negative and positive numbers and working with exponents.The third section will involve operations with rational numbers and order of operations, followed by ratio, proportion, and percent operations. We will include some geometry involving perimeter, areas, and the pythagorean theorem and square roots. Finally we will delve into probability and statistics.

The second semester will continue with evaluating expressions and solving equations, then solving word problems and working with inequalities. Afterwards, we will work on linear functions, graphing, and systems of equations.

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Howdy Algebra Corers,
What a time this is!
And somehow learning and education and even math continue through these unusual times.
Well, we are switching to learning on line via computer rather than in a classroom. Some of you have already been doing this.
The program is called "Teaching Textbooks" and I believe you've been shown how to get on it. You already have the text book!
We are going to start on lesson 32 and see how it goes. If you need some review, go back a few lessons; if it seems like a piece of cake, go forward, but for now do lesson 32.
If you have any questions, my email is: Actually, email me a hi! even if you don't have a question, so I can get your email address and contact you. We may do a group Zoom class sometime.
Be well, be creative,