Incoming 9th Grade Orientation

Incoming 9th Grade Orientation to cover:
  • California’s graduation requirements
  • Credits and transcripts
  • A focus on academic achievement/academic rigor
  • College and career readiness topics/postsecondary preparation
  • Courses: Google Classroom, Edgenuity, on-site classes
What does OVS offer for students who can’t participate in on-site classes?
  • Activities
  • Information on assessments
  • Early Graduation
  • Terminology
  • Resources
  • Key staff roles and contact information
  • Dual Credit
  • SRJC High School dual enrollment, number of credits allowed, who can sign up, when should a student sign up
  • Shifts between the K-8 and the high school program
  • How is OVS still a homeschool program? Roll of the parent.
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