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Welcome to our Spanish 2/3 class

Welcome to our Spanish 2/3 class for the year 2019-2020
This year begins my 30th year teaching Spanish and my 5th year at Orchard View!
During the 2019/2020 school year we will sample the language through a variety of topics. We will review verb tenses and learn new tenses to advance conversational skills. We will review important vocabulary that is used in everyday conversation.
We will learn dialogues that incorporate high frequency words, common verbs and adjectives. We will learn to write coherent paragraphs containing descriptions of people, places, and everyday activities. Music, storytelling, and reading stories will be incorporated into the lesson plans. Students will be exposed to the many Spanish speaking countries through their culture and traditions. The textbook we will be using is Realidades. Since language immersion is crucial for language learning, the class will be taught mostly in Spanish. As additional reinforcement outside the classroom, all students are expected to complete homework assignments, study vocabulary every day, participate in class and follow class rules and procedures in order to have a successful year.
I anticipate having a spectacular year and look forward to hearing students having fun in la clase de español.
Please feel free to contact me anytime:
un saludo,
Amy Contardi

Spanish 6th grade 9/3/2019

First day of Spanish class for 6th graders!  Lots of new students as well as returning students.  We learned the pronunciation of vowels in Spanish. We played a card game to learn and practice everyday nouns.  We listened to and analyzed "La Bamba" (Playing for Change).

Spanish 4th grade 9/3/2019

First day of class with mostly returning students, some new students.  We read and discussed a bilingual story.  We played a card game to learn and practice everyday nouns.  We learned and practiced commands - sit, stand, open/close the door, etc.

Spanish class 7th grade

First day of class was fun as we got to know each other using cognates (words that sound/look like English words).  We learned the verb "ser" (to be) and practiced the different conjugations with our cognate words.  Students interviewed each other forming questions with ser + cognates.
Examples of ser + cognates:
Yo soy sociable.  I am sociable.
Tú no eres tímido. You are not shy.
Somos estudiantes.  We are students.
¿Eres inteligente? Are you inteligent?
¿Eres atlético/atlética?