3rd grade creative writing class 2018/19

I'm looking forward to diving into creative writing with your 3rd graders. Throughout the school year, you can look here for information on what we're up to, and for images of the kids' work.
If you would like to contact me with questions, etc. my email is shall@orchardviewschool.org.
Here is the class description:

Our 3rd-grade class ignites kids' passion for writing and helps them feel safe and supported while they grow as writers. Ever wonder how writers get their ideas? We’re going to scavenge for words, collect phrases, and hunt down hidden ideas in unusual places and then create original poems and stories using what we’ve collected. We work with reluctant and enthusiastic writers alike, reminding kids that when it comes to their imaginations the sky’s the limit.




A few bullet points about what we're learning and doing:


  • What makes a good writer? We started off by practicing our powers of observation and listening— two important skills writers need to hone.
  • We learned about metaphor and simile and how they can describe things in unusual and memorable ways.
  • Then we explored the idea of writing about secrets, using metaphoric language. "My secret is made from the tallest tree in the forest, my secret can hear the whispers of the birds..." . 
  • Last week we made up stories about secrets doors and where they may lead.
  • Continuing on with metaphor, we imagined ourselves as recipes and wrote about what ingredients would be included in a "Recipe of Me". 4 cups soccer? 2 ounces big brother? 1 lb. math lover?
  • I introduced odes & we used the form to write praise of our favorite foods. "Oh, chocolate cake, how I love thee!" 
A couple of brilliant student similes about clouds:
The cloud is like George Washington's hair.
The cloud is like a model's hair.




On our first day together we wrote an "I am from..." poem. Each student contributed one of their lines to our composite piece. The aim of the poem is to explore where we're from in metaphoric, rather than concrete language.


I Am From….

A composite poem written by the 3rd-grade creative writing class


I am from a doughnut shop,

I am from my dog’s mouth,

I am from the scratch of a stick,

I am from the wonders of the world around me.

I am from the deep, deep underbelly of my mom,

I am from the sky,

I am from the sweet sugar cane of Hawaii,

I am from violin music,

I am from the words coming out of my mouth,

I am from the earth.