School Wide Learning Outcomes - SLO's

Educated Individuals who:
  • meet or exceed the Common Core and California State Standards
  • apply 21st century interdisciplinary themes to core subjects
  • possess media, information, communication, and technology literacy

Critical Thinkers who:
  • effectively analyze, interpret and evaluate evidence, arguments, claims, and points of views
Creative Thinkers who:
  • make decisions and collaborate with creativity and innovation.
Effective Communicators who:
  • communicate clearly, collaboratively and respectfully
Independent Learners who:
  • take initiative and strive to expand their own intellectual growth
  • develop skills and self-awareness to live a healthy and productive life
  • explore post secondary school and career opportunities
  • set goals and manage time effectively

Contributing Members of Society who:
  • exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship on a local, state, national, and global level
  • demonstrate cultural awareness and appreciation of diversity