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NEW UPDATES (Summer 2020)


Thanks for a great year Orchard View School! 


Congratulations to all of our graduates.  I wish you all the best of success in your next steps.   


I will be scheduling Fall 2020 appointments for the end of August.  Please stay safe this summer and I'm looking forward to seeing all of you soon.


To schedule a meeting for August, sign up by email.

*Please include your Name, Grade Level, and Teacher’s Name

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 Nichole Clark

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College Updates and News


SRJC Updates (See Directions and Links Below)


New SRJC Priority Registration Schedule/Important Dates

June 15 - SRJC Summer 2020 Classes Begin

June 18 – Priority 3 Registration (Graduating Seniors with COUN 270) for Fall 2020

June 23 – Priority 4 Registration (Graduating Seniors with completed Orientation) for Fall 2020

June 25 – Priority 6 Registration (Dual Enrollment Students) for Fall 2020 only (begins at 7 am)

August 17 - SRJC Fall 2020 Classes Begin



For Dual Enrollment Students Signing Up for Fall 2020 classes:


How to Sign Up:


1.  Register for the SRJC here:


2.  Complete the NEW Online Dual Enrollment Form (See the video links below for detailed directions):


  • Student completes the online form:

    OVS Dual Enrollment Form

  • Form is automatically forwarded to the parent email entered on the form.
  • After Parent approval, the form is automatically forwarded to the School Approver at the high school.   (OVS School Approver is OVS Principal, Cathy Stroud.)
  • After the School Approval is entered, the form is automatically forwarded to the Admissions & Records Office for processing.
  • The Parent and the School Approver will receive an email notification and a copy of the submitted form.


(This form can be easily completed and submitted from desktop or tablet computers or a smart phone.)


3.  Summer/Fall 2020 Course Catalog:


***Please Note***

The SRJC is expecting to have a larger enrollment of students for the Fall 2020 semester due to the Covid impact.  This means that many of our students may find that the classes they want to take are already full by their registration date.  I know that this may be challenging to navigate.  Here are some tips that may assist you in your registration process:

  •  Add more classes to your Dual Enrollment Form, so that you have more options chose from. 
  • Sign up for classes at your designated registration time:  June 25th at 7 am
  • As soon as you see that the class you want to enroll in is full, email the professor of the class to ask about being on the wait-list.  As these will all be online classes, the wait-list may be automatic or your professor may be able to add you in later in the course.  In your email, tell them who you are and why you want to take this course.  Also, let them know your commitment to doing well if they allow you to enroll. 
  • There may be more than 1 section of the course that is offered, so you may want to email more than 1 professor. 
  • If you are added to the wait-list and/or told by the professor that you are on an "unofficial" wait-list, make sure that you keep up with the reading and homework so that you are able to jump right into the class if you are officially enrolled. 
  • I want to encourage you to be flexible and look for alternatives to the classes that you want to take. 



“Experience” Preview Videos

Please view these short videos for detailed directions on how to submit the Dual Enrollment Form.



Graduating Seniors

If you are planning to attend the SRJC in the Fall:



Graduating Seniors, get welcomed & connected. Get SRJCReady.

Sign up now. Space is limited:

      • Develop student success strategies based on your fall course selection.
      • Get on track with Doyle Scholarship or financial aid follow up steps.
      • Get connected to campus resources and technologies.
      • Learn about the SRJCReady partnership, and events!

When signing up, please choose a date that follows your fall priority registration.


If you are attending a 4-Year College in the Fall:
     Look into the housing deposits required for most on-campus housing.
     Most final decisions (and tuition deposits) need to be made by May 1.  Note: Some schools are extending deadlines due to the Covid circumstances.
     Make sure OVS sends your Final High School Transcripts.




  •      Summer Plans:  Keep Building your College List, work on your Essays, & enjoy your summer. 
  •      SAT/ACT:  Many of the schools have declared that they will be "test-optional."  Depending on the list of schools that you are planning to apply to, they may still look at your scores.  I would encourage you to take the SAT/ACT if you have schools that might consider it.