California Indian Pre-Contact Tribal Territories Shows map of California Indian Pre-Contact Tribal Territories
MARIN MUSEUM OF BICYCLING Has fun example of hand drawn map by Dewey Livingston
Mill Valley History Talks with Dewey Livingston Dewey Livingston introduced the Anne T. Kent California Room’s Unrecorded Marin County Map & Survey Collection with an illustrated talk. He highlighted Marin’s many layers of history through rephotography, aerial photos and maps. By overlaying maps and photographs he showed how our local geography and neighborhoods have changed over time, and how these maps and images can help us understand important cultural shifts and historic sites.

Livingston, map archivist for the survey map collection, has been studying and writing about Marin County history for almost 50 years. He is an historian/curator at the Jack Mason Museum of West Marin History, and has authored major studies with the National Park Service. His books include: Nicasio: The Historic Valley at the Center of Marin, In the Heart of Marin: The History of Kentfield and Greenbrae, California and Discovering Historic Ranches at Point Reyes.
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