Meryl Juniper

While following the seasons within her Expressive Arts Inspirations, Meryl intertwines over Four decades of Multimedia Arts Educational Experiences and Community Arts Activism and Multi Media Engagement. Meryl ignites and delicately encourages artistic expression and a sense of humility and humanity, while inspiring hands-on, process based learning, along with a curriculum integrated focus. In this we weave a healthy approach to revealing and enlivening the naturally creative self. 
Simultaneously, Meryl thrives within her close to Five decades of experience engaging a life within: Multimedia Visual Arts and the Performative realms of Nature Based and Street Performance Ritual, Improvisational Movement, Dance Theater, Improvisational Vocal Play, Song Writing, Movement Infused Personal Storytelling and Somatic Movement Practices. Moreover, Meryl commits, inspires and dedicates her artistic being to Community Arts Production, Process and Presentation. 

Lastly, Meryl’s Life Long instinctive devotion to the natural world and the offerings of Eco Somatic Engagement, allows her to share the wisdom gleaned and harvested from all her experiences living close and being inspired as well as humbled by the earth and all life, while continuously extending a steadfast faithfulness to the practices of Parenting, Expressive Arts, Communication, Natural Medicine Making, Farming, Holistic Nutrition and Creative Nourishment.