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About Us

Orchard View School  is a K-12 independent study charter school located 55 miles north of San Francisco, adjacent to the city of Sebastopol, California. The school was chartered by the Twin Hills School District in 2000.   Utilizing a non-traditional learning environment, Orchard View School treats each student as a person with unique needs, skills, goals, and interests. Supervising teachers design individualized lesson plans that offer flexibility in the implementation of the student's educational goals and objectives. Students meet regularly with a credentialed supervising teacher who works with the parents and students to develop and monitor the academic program.    

Orchard View School uses a flexible learning approach to provide students with choices about where, when, and how learning occurs. OVS students have the opportunity to work independently at home, attend on-campus classes, enroll in classes at the Santa Rosa Junior College, participate in community activities and gain work experience.  This combination of choice, flexibility and personalization contributes to their academic achievement and overall success. 

In 2013, Orchard View School was named a California Distinguished School.