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What is Independent Study?

Parents are an important part of the independent study team.  For independent study to be a successful experience for the student, parents should expect to be an active participant in daily activities such as instruction, correcting work, enforcing study times and participating in the planning of the curriculum.  As students get older, they take more responsibility for their learning; however, parents are still responsible for monitoring their child’s work completion and being involved as needed.

Independent Study Meetings

Students are required to meet with their supervising teacher on a regular basis at agreed upon times.  These meetings usually take place at school but may take place in the home or any location in the community deemed suitable by the instructor.  Orchard View School teachers are not required to make home visits.  Home visits are not allowed unless a parent or guardian is present. The purpose of the regularly scheduled meeting with the supervising teacher is to provide the student and family with help and support in carrying out the student’s assignments.    

Supervising Teachers  

Our teachers are trained professionals who fully believe parents can be the primary educators in their child’s life.  Teachers will help parents access resources both at school and in the community, provide guidance and suggestions for behavior and study skills, but most importantly, during the regularly scheduled meetings, teachers will work with parents to develop an ongoing individual learning plan for your child.

Educational Materials  

 Orchard View School is a public school. All textbooks, equipment, and consumables are distributed without cost. Parents may supplement the District's curriculum materials at their own expense. All non-consumable items (i.e. textbooks, paperbacks, videos, and equipment) are the property of Orchard View School. Students and parents/guardians are required to pay for lost or damaged materials checked out in their name.


 Attendance is based on completed assignments. This means that the supervising teacher uses his/her professional judgment to determine how much of an assignment has been completed and uses that information to determine the ADA (average daily attendance) that a student has earned.

Work Samples  

Each child’s supervising teacher will ask students to submit work samples twice a month month.  It is important that you provide the teacher with the samples because we are required to have them on record if Orchard View School is to receive funding for attendance.  

Orchard View Advisory Council

  The Orchard View School Advisory Council consists of three parents, three teachers and the OVS director.  The council meets at least four times per year. The council provides a forum for addressing concerns, assisting with program improvement that will benefit the students, and providing input in all charter school matters. It helps the school administration in fulfilling their academic responsibilities, as well as to serve as a voice of the parents.  The meetings are announced in The View, the school’s monthly newsletter and are open to the larger community.  Parents should bring their questions and concerns to the advisory council meetings and/or communicate them to council members.  Vacancies on the council will be publicized in The View.      

Assessments and Evaluations 

Mandated Testing  

The State of California mandates that all students in the public school system participate in yearly, standardized tests. According to the law, “Each eligible pupil enrolled in grades 3 to 8 and 11 in a school district on the date testing begins in the pupil’s school, shall be given the designated achievement test.” Teachers at OVS view the results of the tests as an assessment tool and use the results, along with other assessments and observations; in planning with parents the student’s learning activities. All OVS students are required to take these tests.

Assessments by the Supervising Teachers

Supervising teachers evaluate assignments and give assessments to students on an individual basis. These assessments provide information to the supervising teacher and parent that help them to adapt assignments for the next learning period.   


  Students in grades K through 8 receive a written evaluation at the end of the school year.  Letter grades are not given.  High school students, however, are given letter grades in order to determine a GPA (grade point average) and receive report cards at the end of each semester.  Completed assignments and quality of work will determine the final grade in each course. 


  It has long been the practice of the schools in the Twin Hills Union School District to maintain a “closed campus” environment. A closed campus is a school campus that requires students to remain on the campus during regularly scheduled class time. They may leave the campus during that time only if they are picked up by a parent or have a note giving them permission to leave with another adult. Orchard View School will not be liable for student drivers who transport other students.


Orchard View School computer lab offers students access to the district computer network including the ability to access the Internet. All students under the age of 18 must obtain parental permission, and sign a “Computer Lab/Internet/Electronic Mail Permission Slip.” Students are expected to follow the Computer Lab rules.  The lab is provided for students to improve their technology skills and conduct research.  Personal use is prohibited.  Access to network services is given to students who agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner. Access is a privilege - not a right.  Access to the school’s wireless system through personal laptops and other personal devices is not available.

General Information

  Harassment   It is the policy of Orchard View School to provide an educational environment free of harassment.  To accomplish this purpose, the policy is designed to secure, at the earliest level possible, an appropriate resolution to an allegation of harassment.  Students should contact their supervising teacher or a school administrator if they feel they have experienced any form of harassment.

Student Dress

 Students must adhere to the OVS Student Dress Standards:

Clothing appropriate for an elementary school campus should be worn.

Shoes must be worn at all times.

Cleanliness in person and dress is expected.

The wearing of hats, T-shirts, buttons, etc., which promote or advertise controlled substances (drugs, alcohol etc.) or contain obscene or vulgar language or depictions will not be permitted.


  The school will not accept responsibility for loss or damage.  Bicycles and skateboards are not to be ridden on the school grounds.

Personal Electronic Devices  

The individual teachers will regulate use of personal electronic devices.  Devices used by students during class may be collected by the teacher until the end of class. The school will not accept responsibility for loss or theft of personal items.  Students are requested to leave valuable items at home. 

Visitors/Guests on Campus  

Parents and guardians are always welcome to visit the school.  Visitors must check in at the OVS office upon arrival.  Students may NOT bring guests to on-site classes without the permission of the classroom teachers.  Parents of unaccompanied students must fill out and sign an emergency card prior to the student’s visit.

Grades K-8

Enrichment Classes   

Enrichment classes for students in kindergarten through grade eight will begin in September and continue through May. Please consult your child’s supervising teacher, The View, or our web site for details. All students attending on-site classes will need to read and sign Orchard View School’s Behavior Guidelines. The OVS staff will determine enrichment class enrollment minimums and maximums. Enrollment may determine whether a class is canceled or closed.    

High School Information

  On-Site Classes   Supervising teachers oversee the entire curriculum of high school students.  Students may choose to complete all of their courses independently, or they may choose to attend one or more on-site classes.  The on-site class teachers give assignments and assign grades using a grading system that meets Orchard View School standards.  The OVS staff will determine enrichment class enrollment minimums and maximums. Enrollment may determine whether a class is canceled or closed. Mid-semester students are accepted on a space available basis and subject to the recommendation of the supervising teacher and instructor approval.  All students attending on-site classes will need to read and sign Orchard View School’s Behavior Guidelines.  

Special Programs

 It is the responsibility of the student or parent/guardian to see that the OVS office manager receives an official transcript from any special program for which OVS grants high school credit.

Regional Occupational Program (ROP)

ROP offers vocational training classes at various high schools in Sonoma County.  High school students may enroll in ROP classes for elective credit and to learn job skills.  The program is operated by the Sonoma County Office of Education.   Your supervising teacher can provide you with more information

Santa Rosa Junior College

Students must have a C or better in a Santa Rosa Junior College class for which they wish to receive credit at Orchard View School.  Units of credit will generally be granted at the following rate:

                College Credit                                                       High School Credits

                1 semester unit                                                                     3 credits

                2 semester units                                                                   6 credits

                3 semester units                                                                   10 credits

Academic Acceleration

 Acceleration for grade 9-12 is possible by completing the course work at a pace that exceeds the normal rate of completion and by meeting all course expectations with high achievements.


Orchard View School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). 

UC and CSU Course Approval  

OVS high school courses approved by the University of California and California State University systems are posted at:  OVS currently offers 23 UC approved courses in the a-g subject areas.  

California High School Proficiency Examination

  Students can earn the legal equivalent of a high school diploma by proving their proficiency in basic skills through the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE).  However, it is important to know that it does NOT exempt you from attending school unless you are 16 or over and have verified parental permission to leave early.  Many students who pass the CHSPE continue to attend school.

You may take the CHSPE if, on testing day, you are:

                Age 16 or older, (no upper age limit) OR

                Have completed at least one academic year of the tenth grade, OR

                Enrolled in the second semester of tenth grade.

You must pre-register for the exam, which is given two times each year.  There is no limit to the number of times you may take the test.  If you would like to learn more about the CHSPE, please see your supervising teacher for more details or visit

Work Permits

Work permits are issued by the Twin Hills District Office.  Applications are available in the Orchard View School office but must be returned directly to the Twin Hills District office.  For more information please contact the District Office personnel directly at 823-0871 or 823-6278.

Academic Program and Requirements

Students are required to take a minimum of 20 units per semester from Orchard View School. Each course is worth five credits per semester. 200 credits are required for graduation. Requirements include:  




Algebra 1


Physical Science




Life Science




Physical Education


U.S. History




World History


Practical Arts


American Government


Fine Arts/Foreign Lang.










Grading Policy and Grade Distribution

  A student’s G.P.A. is based on all courses taken at the school.  Grades are as follows:  A=excellent; B=good; C=satisfactory; D=serious difficulty; F=failure to make an effort (A=90%-100%, B=80%-89%, C=70%-79%, D=60%-69%, F= below 60%).  Orchard View School students are not ranked.

The pass/no-pass option at OVS relates to non-academic courses only, specifically classes such as PE or job skills which may be difficult to accurately determine achievement. 

Academic Counseling  

High School students will have the opportunity to meet with our academic counselor at the beginning of the school year to plan their coursework.  Freshmen will meet and create a four-year plan.  The counselor will be available by appointment throughout the school year.

Meeting University of California and California State University Requirements

California State

Minimum Graduation Requirements

High School to College

Admission  Requirements

1.  Social Studies

      3 years.

         1 year U.S. History and Geography.

         1 year of World History, Culture and Geography.

         ½ year American Government and Civics.

         ½ year of Economics.

A.  History/Social Science

      U.S. History, U.S. Government, Civics, World History,

      Culture and Geography

       2 years.

           1 year U.S. History or ½ year of U.S. History and ½

           year of U.S. Civics or American Government.

           1 year of World History, Culture and Geography.                           

2.  English

      3 years.

B.  English

      4 years of college preparatory English composition and


1.       Mathematics

      2 years.  Algebra 1 required.

C.  Mathematics

      Algebra, Geometry, Intermediate Algebra, or higher

      Level mathematics

      3 years required. 4 years recommended.

           Algebra in the 8th grade recommended.

       4.   Science

             2 years, including biological and physical sciences.

D.  Laboratory Science

      2 years required.  3 years recommended.

           Two of the following:  Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or

           other approved college preparatory science.

       5.  Language other than English, Visual or Performing


           1 year required. 

                 American Sign Language is acceptable as a course in

                 foreign language.

E.  Language other than English

     2 years required.  3 years recommended (at least 2 years of

      the same language).

           American Sign Language is acceptable.

      6.  Physical Education

           2 years, unless student has been exempted pursuant to

           to the provisions of the California Education Code


F.  Visual and Performing Arts

       Dance/Drama/Theater/Music/Visual Art

       1 year.

      7.  Other Coursework

           As determined by the school’s governing board or the

           school district.

G.  College Preparatory Electives

       1 year of academic courses in any of the above A-G areas.

      8.  Alternative Methods to satisfy Graduation


            As determined by the school’s governing board or the

            school district.


Required Testing


Varies – ACT, SAT 1, SAT 11.  Check with college or

 University of your choice or log on to:´╗┐